Dark beginnings

Friday 5th May, 5 pm Eastern Time, 10 pm British Summer Time, 6 am Japan Standard Time!

Smoke wafted up from the chimney of the perfectly normal small cottage, and perfectly normal clothing hung on the washing line outside, flapping in the breeze. Everything about the cottage, even down to the neat flowerbeds adorned with jauntily painted wooden goblins, was perfectly normal. Which was just the way he wanted it. After all, appearances were everything, and he couldn’t have people suspecting that the freedom of all Britannia was slowly taking shape within, could he?

He put aside the perfectly measured bowl of cake mix that he’d been working on, and pressed a small groove on the dust-free fireplace. A spiral staircase was revealed as the rug swivelled away to the left of him, leading down into the private cavern below.

As he descended, and the rug flowed back into place, the spell of perfect normalcy that protected his sanctum thrummed quietly, keeping his secrets safe, and the neighbours jealous of his perfectly manicured lawn.

Pulling a shadowy hood about his face, he stepped from the staircase, and took a neatly penned scroll from the clockwork scribe that worked tirelessly on the information that his network of spies brought him. The edge of his mouth twitched slightly – almost a smile – as he read the names of those who had already sworn allegiance to the cause. All was going according to plan.

Blackthorn would never know what hit him.

You are citizens of Siege Perilous, but you will never bow before King Blackthorn. Today could be the day everything starts to change for you, in a big way.  You heard talk of a shadowy figure, calling dissenters to rise up, and take the land for themselves, to be under Blackthorn’s thumb no more. Think about it: No more guards. No one keeping you from taking everything you deserve. No one to tell you “you can’t do that”. No one.

Come and gather in a secluded place, far from the prying eyes of the King’s lackeys and pampered sheep, as we begin to plan a new Britannia – one where we set the rules!

What you need to know

  • Gates will be provided from the usual locations.
  • There will be a reminder in general chat about an hour before the event.
  • Keep an eye on the town criers for basic details.
  • This is a role play event. There may be some PvP if any Blackthorn-loving lackeys turn up.
  • A general outline of how this group will work will be provided.
  • This is your chance to offer your ideas, and have your say in how this will run.
  • The “good guys” are welcome to try to spy on the event – if they dare.
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