Gates to Events

I am trying to make sure that everyone can make it to an event, and no one is left wondering where the event is taking place. In order to do that, I will do the following for every event:

Gates with a 3-hour timer on them will appear at:

  • The monuments for player run towns. These are currently Safehaven, Gilfane, UWSP, Motherlode, and what is left of Bartertown. As players request new towns, I will add them to this list, and only remove them if their application is turned down.
  • Every hub that I am made aware of. These are currently the Britain hub, Umbra hub, Baby Doll’s hub, the Tokuno hub, and the Safehaven hub. If your hub is not on this list, please drop a rune with a description along the lines of “xyz hub” in the mailbox at the EM hall, Britain. The only rule here is that your hub needs to be public. Private houses will not be considered.
  • Banks. Luna, Britain, Zento. If you would like others added, drop a book with your request in the mailbox at the EM hall.

Most events will start from a point within a guard zone – e.g. the EM hall, Serpents’ Hold war room, Governors’ Council chambers, so that is where the gates mentioned above will lead to. If the event requires us to move to another point after the introduction, a gate will be left at the point we started for the duration of the event. You should never need to get to an event via your own transport, but you are welcome to do so if you really want to.

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve access to EM events, please drop me a line – either via the mailbox at the EM hall, or email me at

Thank you.

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