Contact Details

EM Kincaid

There are many ways to get in touch with me. Use whichever one you find the most convenient.

Email :

Mail in game : There is a mailbox at the House of Commons (EM Hall) a few screens north of the Britain Moongate on Siege Perilous. Drop a book in there, with your name, and how to get in touch with you. If you would like a similar type of reply, please leave a rune to a house with a mailbox that you have access to.

Talking in game : I will normally be available after events at the House of Commons (EM Hall). Feel free to drop by and chat about anything you like.

Meet and Greets : Several times a year I will set aside an evening to talk to players about anything event-related. Please remember that I am not one of Broadsword’s developers, and I can do practically nothing about game mechanics.

General Chat : My non-event time in-game is extremely random, and most of it is spent setting up future events for you! However, if you ask for me in GC, and I happen to be on, I will always answer you.

Stratics : As a policy, I will very rarely enter into conversation on Stratics. However, I do read most of what is posted in the Siege forum. So, if you want to get a one-way message to me, post away!

Real life : The 7 people who know who I am in real life already know how to get in touch with me. It’s an exclusive club, I’m afraid.

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