The role of The Black Watch

The official purpose of The Black Watch is to serve as a Royal Guard for ceremonial occasions, while also serving as a combat force fighting for good during EM Events, Governor Events and other player events. No member of The Black Watch should ever expect a peaceful life.

The Black Watch is to maintain security. This can extend to fighting off attackers outside the hall, standing guard inside the hall, or laying down the law to suspicious-looking visitors. The Black Watch are expected to hold themselves to a high level of honour, and attacking people outside the building from inside will result in disciplinary action if witnessed by the King or any fellow Black Watch members – i.e. the loss of points.

Watchmen of The Black Watch are expected to hold themselves to a high standard of honor and courage.
This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • No “house hiding”. If an enemy is sighted outside the council chambers, watchmen are no to fight from within the building. If their intention is to repel the enemy, they are to leave the building and engage in battle outside.
  • No calling for guards. This may seem strange at first glance – the guards, and The Black Watch, are both part of the Order of the Silver Serpent. However, The Black Watch are supposed to be the elite division of the Order. Calling for a less-able guard against a foe is considered to be cowardly. What would you think if a fully-armed soldier, in a combat situation, called the police to arrest the other side?
  • No dry looting. If you overcome an enemy, you may take reasonable steps to prevent him or her from getting back into battle immediately – e.g. take a weapon, take ammunition, take bandages and potions – but stripping your enemy naked, and forcing them to do a walk of shame, is beneath you. The Black Watch will also not be used as a means to line your own pockets, selling equipment back to your enemies.
  • Supporting your fellow watchmen. Outside of The Watch, you may be on reasonable terms with much of Britannia’s population. However, if someone attacks during Black Watch proceedings, or during a council meeting which you are guarding, your honor dictates that you will join your fellow watchmen in repelling the enemy.

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