Dangerous Times

Dangerous Times

Alicia took word to her uncle Joseph that Aldric was fit and ready to assist him in whatever way possible. He would go with those willing to accompany him or do it alone but he would not fail Joseph.

Captain Joseph was glad to hear he had someone to trust without losing more men to the task. Mysterious kegs labeled “Made in Ver Lor Reg” were being reported throughout Britain. He gave the task to Aldric to travel to Ver Lor Reg to inquire about these kegs. Joseph never heard reports of any ill will from the gargoyles there, but he was unwilling to take any chances.


The majority of us are now headed back to Britain. The rioters there are increasing, as are many raids, to the point that the Castle may need to be locked down. A messenger carried word that kegs made from Ver Lor Reg were found in Britain and we must know immediately what is being done about them from the gargoyles themselves. Seek Forsyth, he has always proven trustworthy.

I await news from you and urge you to move your tired old bones as quickly as they will carry you. We need this information soon so we may know how to proceed. I will take over the North end of Britain with the 3rd division at the Great Northern Road by Castle Blackthorn.

Your faithful student,

Captain Joseph of the 3rd division

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