Cora was an inquisitive gal who never paid much mind to warnings of danger.

If there was something to be explored, she would pack a satchel with needed supplies, grab her walking shoes and be out the door. She would log her journeys and catalog her findings to release to various museums.

Her endeavors was not one of glory or personal wealth, it was only to satisfy her personal curiosity. Every path had a way, even if one must create their own.

The first tales of protestors and disgruntled citizens came weeks ago. This did not peek her curiosity enough to travel from her mountain home. Once word of rioters and then raiders reached her ears, she knew to stay far enough away from towns and rely on her own resources, as slim as they were becoming.

Then tales of a blast that shook the lands and of rock slides that blocked entry into resource areas of Ilshenar filtered up to her mountain home. With this news, many were saying Callie was exploring deep within the region at the time. Callie was an explorer Cora knew well though they did not get on with each other. Callie was a treasure seeker, always looking for her next profit and would smile a sweet smile while lies escaped her lips. No one knows if Callie survived the blast, only that she was there when it happened.

Now it seemed as if the balance of the lands were changing. Rioters, raiders, mysterious disappearances and blocked lands.

Cora traveled to Ilshenar but every path in was blocked by massive boulders. Tales from the Meer and Juka at increased odds were of great concern. Could this have to do with what Callie was doing? What was she up to this time?

Cora relied on Eden the gypsy fortune teller at times, but all she would say was the cards turned spell loyalty for some, death for others. “Seek the Shirron,” she whispered as she eyed Carl behind her. Then, “be careful what you seek and more careful with what you find…..”

Grabbing an empty journal from the vagabond, she slipped it into her satchel and headed for the Gargoyle city close enough to these tales to perhaps have more information.

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