Harvey and the Easter Bunny

One day while wandering around Occlo by himself, Harvey noticed a tree that had colorful leaves growing. They were not your typical leaves, these had an iridescent look with different colored tips. He couldn’t help himself as he walked up to touch one of the leaves……


Harvey found himself in the tree falling a short distance to what felt like a root cellar!

‘Tsk, tsk. Are you looking for something? My eggs perhaps?” a small voice said in the corner. Bubbling flasks were everywhere with all the colors of the leaves he saw on the tree. “After all, it is Easter.”

Harvey turned towards the voice and out of the shadows stepped the Easter Bunny! Harvey rubbed his eyes and looked again. This was not the cute little bunny of the stories he had been told. This rabbit was made of gears with an eye monocle made of old copper!


“You seem shocked little minion. How did you think I am able to survive all these years? Replacement parts! That’s how,” he said with a wink as he hopped over to a table with pipes and flasks then continued, “You have come just in time! Would you like to help me with these baskets and deliver some for me?”

It did not take Harvey a second to make up his mind. Of course he would! The Easter Bunny put him to work stuffing a wooden squirrel with baskets of Easter goodies. When all the baskets were made and he was ready to climb back up the tree, the Easter Bunny had one last task for him. “Here, try my new batch. I made it especially for you,” and with that he popped a rainbow colored egg candy in Harvey’s mouth.


Harvey thought the explosion of flavor happened only in his mouth until he heard the rabbit let out a hearty laugh. “There! NOW you are ready for your deliveries!”

Harvey had no idea what he was talking about but he suddenly felt 10 feet tall and full of life.


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