The Black Watch / Mondain’s Militia


  • Overview
  • Group 1: The Black Watch
  •   Background
  •   Role of the Black Watch
  •   Black Watch Points
  •   Black Watch Ranks
  • Group 2 : Mondain’s Militia
  •   Militia points
  •   Militia Ranks
  • Crafters
  • Changing Group
  • Reward Ceremonies
  • Governors’ Council Meetings   (if you don’t read anything else, read this!)

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The concept of the King’s Guard exists on many shards. On those shards, the concept is fairly generic, and geared towards “the good guys”.
Siege Perilous is unique, and the King’s Guard needs to be treated accordingly.
We cannot expect murderers, thieves, and the other dissidents of the kingdom to want to serve the ruling authority, and even if they did want to, they would be looked upon with suspicion, and would have to work twice as hard as anyone else to prove their loyalty.

Therefore Siege will have two opposing groups. This is not to be confused with VvV, although participants on both sides are welcome to join VvV for the benefits that brings.

Group 1: The Black Watch
The Black Watch began life as a division of the Order of the Silver Serpent. This division sought to bring the Virtues into the Chaos of the Great Stygian Abyss. Their experiences in the Stygian Abyss have served to enforce their adherence to the established Virtues of Britannian culture. It is by these virtues alone that they have survived and grown. and it is by these virtues alone that they have toiled against the darkness. Wholly intolerant of the symbols of Chaos and Disorder, the Knights are bastions of Order, Light and the Goodness with the primary goal of protecting and maintaining order in the lands of Britannia and Sosaria as a whole.

Upon returning from the Abyss to find that the former proponent of Chaos, Lord Blackthorn, now reigns as King, the Knights pledged to serve the King as his Royal Guard and assumed the name of “Blackthorn’s Watch”. The citizens tend to prefer to call them “The Black Watch”, with great debate in taverns as to whether this means that they watch over King Blackthorn’s safety, or rather observe the king, with an eye to guiding the Kingdom towards Order.

Role of the Black Watch
The official purpose of the Black Watch is to serve as a Royal Guard for ceremonial occasions, while also serving as a combat force fighting for good during EM Events, Governor Events and other player events. No member of the Black Watch should expect a peaceful life.

The Black Watch are to maintain security. This can extend to fighting off attackers outside the hall, standing guard inside the hall, or laying down the law to suspicious looking visitors. The Black Watch are expected to hold themselves to a high level of honour, and attacking people outside the building from inside will result in disciplinary action if witnessed by the King or any fellow Black Watch members – i.e. the loss of points.

Black Watch Points
Black Watch members can gain a maximum of 5 points per event by:
– Attending in uniform.
– Conduct / Displaying virtue
– Special merits (generally associated with a specific task)
– Submitting written reports
– Proof of a Militia kill (screenshot submitted via email)
Each point type can only be gained once per event – e.g. 1000 kills still only earns one point.

Black Watch Ranks
Rank 0 – Soldier, 2nd Class (First Guard Event, 0 Merit Points)
Rank 1 – Soldier, 1st Class (5 Merit Points)
Rank 2 – Second Lieutenant (10 Merit Points)
Rank 3 – Lieutenant (10 Merit Points)
Rank 4 – Captain (20 Merit Points)
Rank 5 – Major (20 Merit Points)
Rank 6 – Lieutenant Commander (30 Merit Points)
Rank 7 – Commander (30 Merit Points)
Rank 8 – Brigadier (50 Merit Points)
Rank 9 – Major General (50 Merit Points)
Rank 10 – Lieutenant General (100 Merit Points)
Rank 11 – General * (200 Merit Points)
Rank 12 – Marshal * (400 Merit Points)
Rank 13 – Field Marshal * (500 Merit Points)
Rank 14 – Grand Marshal **

* Nearly Impossible to Attain
** Reserved for Dupre – Not Attainable

The points listed are per rank. Upon promotion, the points used to gain the promotion will be deducted from the total.

Example: A Citizen Conscript gains 7 points. At the next ceremonial meeting, they are promoted to Candidate. At this point, their points adjust to 2 (7 points gained minus the 5 points needed to become a Candidate).

Group 2 : Mondain’s Militia
The second group are the dissidents of the realm, who have banded together.
Some simply do not accept that Blackthorn is who he says he is, or even if he is who he says he is, that his version of events is true. In either case, they do not feel that he deserves the throne.
Others simply disagree with the way that he is running the kingdom, and would prefer a different form of government.
Then there are the thieves, the murderers, and brigands – those who would be extremely pleased to see the rule of law abolished, so that they can sack and pillage to their hearts content, unopposed. This group has no true name, but the crown refers to them as Mondain’s Militia, due to their close association with the Priest of Mondain who wander the countryside. Their leader is a shadowy figure, his true identity remains unknown at present.
The purpose of the militants is to oppose the Crown. How they do this varies, but it normally involves bloodshed.

Militia points
Militants can gain a maximum of 5 points per event by:
– Attending
– Participating
– Submitting written reports
– Theft of Black Guard briefings
– Providing proof of a Black Watch kill (screenshot via email)
Each point type can only be gained once per event – e.g. 1000 kills still only earns one point.

Militia Ranks
The Militia is not as organised as the Black Watch, and this is reflected in their ranks. However, there is a basic structure, which becomes more refined higher up the ranks.

Rank 0 – Recruit (First Guard Event, 0 Merit Points)
Rank 1 – Minion (5 Merit Points)
Rank 2 – Hireling (10 Merit Points)
Rank 3 – Thug (10 Merit Points)
Rank 4 – Brigand (10 Merit Points)
Rank 5 – Rebel (20 Merit Points)
Rank 6 – Rebel Leader (20 Merit Points)
Rank 7 – Chieftain (30 Merit Points)
Rank 8 – War lord (50 Merit Points)
Rank 9 – Baron (100 Merit Points)
Rank 10 – Commander * (200 Merit Points)
Rank 11 – Commander in chief * (400 Merit Points)
Rank 12 – Grand High Overlord **

* Nearly Impossible to Attain
** Reserved for Shadowy Figure – Not Attainable

Although this is not technically a third group, crafters can earn points by providing certain supplies to the mailbox at the EM Hall. At the first reward ceremony after delivering their first order, crafters can decide which group they wish to support.

Changing Group
Should anyone wish to defect to the enemy at any time, they are welcome to do so. However, any points or ranks gained before defecting will be lost.

Reward Ceremonies
Each group will have their own separate reward ceremonies, held every three months.
All ceremonies will be held at the War Hall on Serpent’s Hold, unless the group taking part in the ceremony agrees that it should be held elsewhere. Mondain’s Militia may vote to hold theirs on Buccaneer’s Den, or in Doom, for example.

At each reward ceremony, any group member who has earned the necessary number of points for promotion will have their sash renamed to reflect their new rank.

If a member is unable to surrender their previous sash of rank – for example, if it has been stolen – they will still be promoted, but will start their new rank with a score of -5 multiplied by your new rank. For example, someone of rank 3 who is to be promoted to rank 4, and cannot produce their sash, will have a penalty of -20 applied : 5 X 4 = 20.

You are welcome to use a clothing bless deed on the sash. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you do so.

Governors’ Council Meetings
Please note that Governor Events have a clearly defined role.
They are there for the governors to discuss the state of their towns.
They are there for the governors to request events that will benefit their towns.
They are there for the king to obtain information.
They are there for the king to provide information about upcoming events.
This particular type of event is not a PvP event. However this only applies to the Governors’ Council Chamber. Anything or anyone outside of this room is fair game.

Anyone attempting to PvP within the Governors’ Council Chamber, or otherwise disrupt the meeting beyond the bounds of roleplay – will find themselves thrown into the moat. This extends to anyone, regardless of whether you are blue, red, orange or grey, citizen or governor.

A dip in the moat is considered to be a warning.

After three dips in the moat during one meeting, you will find yourself banned from the hall for the duration of the meeting. No discussions will be entered into in this regard. Once banned, you are banned for the duration of the meeting. End of discussion.

No bans are permanent, and all bans will be cleared at the end of the meeting.
Bans / dips in the moat do not affect points.

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