The Black Watch

“The Black Watch”

Also known as “The Royal Guard” or “Blackthorn’s Watch”


The Black Watch began life as a segment of the Order of the Silver Serpent in Serpent’s Hold who sought to bring the Virtues into the Chaos of the Great Stygian Abyss.  Their experiences in the Stygian Abyss have made them strictly adherent to the established Virtues of the Britannian culture.

* Valor *

* Humility *       * Honor *

* Sacrifice *                         * Compassion *

* Spirituality *       * Justice *

* Honesty *

It is by these virtues alone that they have survived and grown as an organization, and it is by these virtues alone they they have toiled against the darkness.  Wholly intolerant of the symbols of Chaos and Disorder, the Knights are bastions of Order, Light and the Goodness with the primary goal of protecting and maintaining order in the lands of Britannia and Sosaria as a whole.

Upon returning from the Abyss to find that the former proponent of Chaos, Lord Blackthorn, now reigns as King, the Knights avowed to serve the King as his Royal Guard and assumed the name of “Blackthorn’s Watch” or “The Black Watch”. Many have wondered if that means they watch King Blackthorn himself and work from within the palace to guide the Kingdom towards Order.


The Purpose of the Black Watch is to serve as a Royal Guard for ceremonial occasions, while also serving as a combat force fighting for good during EM Events, Governor Events and other player events.  (This role can take on PVP Aspects).

Ranking System:

Each event is worth a maximum of 6 Merit Points.  Demerits can be given (Points taken away) as well for conduct unbecoming a Knight or disruptive behavior (either IC or OOC).  Formally resigning from the Black Watch will remove all points (Going inactive is not considered to be resigning).  Points can be awarded at each event as follows:

1 point for Attendance

1 point for Attendance in Uniform

1 point for Participation

1 point for Conduct

1 point for displaying Virtue

1 point for Special Merit

This would mean that the “Average Member” at an event would gain 2 to 3 merit points per event, with 3 more “possible points” for extreme circumstances.

Additional points can be granted in special circumstances for crafters and other fighting support roles (healing, etc).  These can include donating resources for armor, weapons and ammunition, supplies, as well as crafting the above and other goods such as the Black Watch may require.


     Rank 0 – Citizen Conscript (First Guard Event, 0 Merit Points)

     Rank 1 – Candidate (5 Merit Points)

     Rank 2 – Second Lieutenant (10 Merit Points)

     Rank 3 – Lieutenant (20 Merit Points)

     Rank 4 – Captain (35 Merit Points)

     Rank 5 – Major (50 Merit Points)

     Rank 6 – Lieutenant Commander (75 Merit Points)

     Rank 7 – Commander (100 Merit Points)

     Rank 8 – Brigadier (125 Merit Points)

     Rank 9 – Major General (150 Merit Points)

     Rank 10 – Lieutenant General (200 Merit Points)

     Rank 11 – General * (300 Merit Points)

     Rank 12 – Marshal * (400 Merit Points)

     Rank 13 – Field Marshal * (500 Merit Points)

     Rank 14 – Grand Marshal **

*Nearly Impossible to Attain

** Not Attainable

Merit Rewards:

At rank level 4 (On Average, this will be the 10th to 12th event), the individual player will be given a sash with their character name and rank.  The Item ID# and Player Account # will be recorded.  This sash MUST be turned in to receive another one of a higher rank.

Example: Player “Bob” has attained rank 4 after 12 events.  He receives a sash that says: “Bob – Captain of The Black Watch”.  Later, Bob attains rank 5 and he MUST hand in his previous sash to receive the updated on with his new rank.

At level 7 and 10, players will be granted a higher type merit reward.

Grand Marshal:

The Leader of the Black Watch is Grand Marshal William “Iron-Will” Cromwell who will supervise the training of guard members and the promotion of members.

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