General Questions and Answers

What is an EM?

An EM is an Event Moderator.  I provide live events for Siege Perilous and also play role-played characters such as King Blackthorn, Dupre, and others, as the event requires.

When will events be held?

There are several ways to find out about events.

  • Town Criers will announce forthcoming events at least a week ahead of time.
  • will show details at least a week ahead of time.
  • Events and news will be announced on, and the RSS feed will relay information to Stratics.

Please note that scheduled events might change depending on the needs of the EM program. If that happens, announcements will be made via Town Criers.

I want cool loot and items!

I’m sure you do, but you will have to find them yourself.  EMs are not allowed by program policy to give items or gold to players outside of an event. If you are not taking part in an event, the answer will always be no. So no, I can not give you a blaze castle surrounded by a glacial moat floating high in the air above West Britain Bank. Not even a little one. Sorry.

During events EMs may give out ordinary or crafted items as part of an event (tailored clothes for teams, books, etc.). These items require approval in advance and are given at Mesanna’s discretion.

You may receive a specific item that has been approved in advance, through various event-specific methods.

Reward event items will occasionally be found on defeated foes as loot.

If you win a competition or contest you may receive a plaque in the Hall of Champions to commemorate your achievement.

NOTE: Not every event will result in an item being found. Some events exist purely to advance a story line, some are simply to exchange information, and all are intended to provide entertainment!

I got a cool item as loot! Can I modify it?

The short answer is yes, but you really don’t want to.

When you modify an event reward in any way, you stand a chance of reverting it to its basic state. This means that “a blood-stained shield recovered from Mondain’s corpse” could shortly be nothing more than “a shield”. Modify event rewards at your own risk. If you break them, they will not be replaced.

I’m planning an event! Can you help?

Event Moderators can only spawn monsters at EM events. The Player Co-ordinator can help you with decorative items, but will not spawn monsters. However, I am happy to discuss ideas with you, and just generally brainstorm on events.

If the event is primarily to promote an auction or a vendor mall it is very unlikely that an EM will attend.  I cannot be seen as giving preference to a specific player, guild, or venue. I hope you understand.

If I do attend, I will usually come on a role-played character to community events.  I may also show up randomly to well publicized public events held by players when I can.  Please note that I cannot help with your event by creating monsters or items. I can not help you with griefers. If you need help in that area, call a GM.

This is Siege. What happens when a fight breaks out?

Most of the time, the event moderator will not intervene. The only exception to this is the Governors’ Council (see below). If players disrupt an event too badly for the EM to continue, the event will be stopped, and will attempt to resume at a later date. The only request from the EM is, when roleplay is taking place, or a NPC is trying to tell you about the event, have the courtesy to let other players stop and listen. You have the other 99% of the day to beat each other senseless.

So, what happens at a Governors’ Council Meeting?

Please note that Governor Events have a clearly defined role.
They are there for the governors to discuss the state of their towns.
They are there for the governors to request events that will benefit their towns.
They are there for the king to obtain information.
They are there for the king to provide information about upcoming events.
This particular type of event is not a PvP event.
Anyone attempting to PvP within the Governors’ Hall will find themselves thrown into the moat. This extends to anyone, regardless of whether you are blue, red, orange or grey.
A dip in the moat is to be considered a warning.
After three dips in the moat, you will find yourself banned from the hall for the duration of the meeting. No bans are permanent, and all bans will be cleared at the end of the meeting.

Any fighting outside of the hall is of no concern to King Blackthorn whatsoever. Citizens will be citizens, and occasionally behave in a manner not becoming of a royal audience.

My client keeps crashing! My horse turned into a vorpal bunny! My bank box is empty! My dog ate my homework!

Event Moderators exist to run events for the community. EMs have no ability to fix bugs. EMs are not a shortcut to communicate with the Developers. Please use the usual methods for obtaining support for those issues. Oh, and do your own homework. What did your poor dog ever do to you?

What about Blackthorn?

When Blackthorn appears on Siege, he will always be in roleplay mode. 100%. No exceptions. The same applies to any other characters from Ultima lore. To Blackthorn, servers are the people who wait on him, bugs are a type of insect, and lol means to lie around the place in a lazy fashion. Do not expect an out-of-context response from Blackthorn, he will always look at you as if you have taken one too many blows to the head if you try. He is the king.

See the “Governors Council” page in the FAQ for more details.

How can I get in touch with you?

My email address is and you are welcome to contact me there. I will always reply to you, but please remember that I am as much at the mercy of game mechanics and policies as you are. An EM is not a developer, and EMs do not have a say in company policies. If I cannot help with a specific request, or implement a specific idea, I will be open and honest with you, but no means no.

Following an event, I can usually be found at the House of Commons near the Britain moongate, for event feedback. Please note that I cannot give out additional drops, and in the unlikely event that there is something wrong with your reward, I cannot fix it there and then, but I will pass the details on to Mesanna for you.

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