The Council of Siege

In order to avoid misconceptions about the purpose and powers of the Royal Council on Siege Perilous, here is a general outline of what to expect, as well as what is expected.

#1: The role of a governor is an in character (“IC”) position. That means if you are a governor, you are expected to role-play the position and act as you would if your character were governor.

Citizens are encouraged to attend Royal Council meetings. It is asked that they remain in character as well. Disruptive elements will probably find themselves cooling off in the moat. Three dips is a guaranteed ban from the building.

The Governors Council Meetings will be held in the council chambers, which are inside a guard zone. Governors meetings are there for the good of the shard, not just a small group of individuals. This is *NOT* a PvP event. That said, it is recommended that you leave valuables at home, or in the bank.

The Black Watch are allowed to engage in PvP with the provision that they do so outside the building. The Council chambers do not exist for the purposes of house-hiding, or as a refuge when the battle is not going your way. If you want to fight, by all means fight – but do it outside.

All governors will be friended to the council chambers. This gives them the right to ban or remove disruptive individuals. However, the ban list will be cleared at least once a month. The guidelines are, 3 disruptive incidents (e.g. shouting over the person who is supposed to be talking – to the point that nobody can follow what is going on – is such an incident) gets a ban. Major incidents – e.g. attacking someone in the chambers – is an instant removal and ban. If you are banned, you are banned. No discussions will be entered into, and the King does not use General Chat during meetings.

#2: When you address King Blackthorn, you are talking to the character of the King; you are not addressing your EM. Anything you say to the King is said to the King, and the King will answer, act, and respond as King Blackthorn would and should. If you say something to the King out-of-character, the King will either ignore you, or treat you as he would the village idiot.

#3: Governors serve at the pleasure of the King. If you frequently cause disruptions, fail to fulfill your duties as governor, or cannot stay in character, the King can and will replace you.

#4: Election improprieties will be dealt with by the GM/DEV and Support Teams.

#5: The purpose of the Royal Council is not to decorate the towns or place trash cans at the banks. The King is not an interior decorator, nor is he a gardener, nor a trash collector. The King does not summon monsters to attack his towns.

Governors may make *TWO* large-scale requests per term, which will be considered by the King and his advisers.

If a governor makes a request and it is not granted, he or she may make another request that term. However, if the request is granted and the governor fails to fulfill some of the requirements for the completion of the granted request, it is still considered his or her one request for that term.

If you are a governor and are running a plotline, shard-wide event or something similar, the EM team *MAY* be able to assist or otherwise support you in a few small ways. These requests should be directed to the EM team, not to the King. See #15 for more information.

If you want a trashcan at your bank, ask Mesanna, not the King. <— Per Mesanna.

#6: If you are not a governor, but wish to address the Royal Council, you have two options. You may address the council yourself (see #10). Or, before the council meeting, you may speak with the governor of your (or any other) represented city and ask them bring up the matter on your behalf. Either way, the issue should not be raised until the New Issues portion of the meeting.

#7: The King does not, at this point, wish to put a time limit on speakers. Please do not make such a limit necessary.

#8: Trade deals and the internal affairs of a town are the business of the governor and the townspeople. However, remember that as governor you are an extension of the Crown. If asked to change something, such as a curfew, a governor must comply (or work around it).

#9: The Royal Council will meet once a month. The date will always be announced in advance, both here and via the Town Criers. If the meeting must be cancelled, it will be rescheduled.

#10: The agenda will vary from month to month, but will usually follow this format:

  • Communication – The King will greet everyone and remind them how they may communicate with him between meetings.
  • National Security – A report on matters of national security will be read if appropriate.
  • State of the Town – Each governor will be expected to give a State of the Town status report. This can include any upcoming player-run events that the governor has planned. Each governor will then yield the floor to the next in line. The King asks that only the governor who has the floor speak during this time.
  • King’s Response – The King will respond to the reports he has just heard.
  • Governors’ Requests – Any governor’s request that was sent in at least three days before the meeting will be discussed.
  • “Outlying town representatives” – Each player-run town may appoint a representative to provide reports and address the council. These representatives may make requests in the same manner as governors, but it is less likely that permanent changes to their towns will be met in the same way as elected governors requests.
  • Various officials or foreign visitors may be called upon to address the council from time to time.
  • After all town representatives have spoken, the King will call on any other citizens who would like to address the Royal Council. Please stay seated and merely make it known if you would like to be put on the King’s list of people to speak. When the King calls on you, you may stand in front of the council table.

#11: Remember, everything in the Royal Council chamber is in character.

#12: All Britannian towns are equal in the eyes of the King. A special effort has been made on Siege to include player run towns, but these towns do not have equal status in the eyes of the King’s advisory council (Mesanna). So, requests may be made by player-run town leaders and representatives, but are likely to have a higher rejection rate than governors requests. That does not mean that you should not try!

#13: The Royal Council is a way for you as a player to interact with the fiction, storyline, and community of Siege Perilous in a positive way. Governors are encouraged to run events, plotlines, contests, and games to bring activity and acclaim to their cities. The King and the EM team will do what they can (within the rules) to support the events, plotlines and activity within the cities. Keep in mind, however, that the EMs’ principal duty is to run EM events. Your events and plotlines are yours; you still must plan and execute them yourself. Governors are encouraged to work together to create multi-city plotlines. Remember that the PEC also exists, and can help with decorating your events on a temporary basis.

#14: Remember that the Royal Council is a work in progress. We will all work together to make it a success.

#15: ALL requests must have a role-play function or purpose. If you are requesting flowers around your bank because they look pretty, expect to be told no. If you are requesting a limited time change that fosters and supports role-play and your events as governor or adds to town interaction plots… we can talk about it.

Email a short summary of your plotline and upcoming event to the Siege Perilous EM. Leave the materials and/or deeds for your request in the EM mailbox (these will not be returned). Plan your event so it can go forward even if your request is not granted.


Many thanks to EM Bennu for his Atlantic Primer, on which this is based.


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