Barter Town

This Player-run town appears to have died. The monument still stands, awaiting someone to pick up Chad Sexington’s legacy.

The following is taken from UOGuide’s pages on Barter Town.


About 6 months before moving to Siege Perilous from Napa Valley, I purchased the 18×18 plot just outside the Minoc Stables. I’ve been lurking on Siege for about 8 months before I finally made the move. I had a town of thieves in mind from the start. This was a the perfect place. There was room for a central large house and surrounding smaller plots for other new members. With this location, we get the benefit of all the NPC services of Minoc including the stables and mines… which I eventually claimed for ourselves.

Founding the town was the hard part, but it’s not impossible.

Barter Town Mines

These mines are now property of Barter Town. Their precious ores and metals are not to be taken under ANY circumstances and are off limits. Trespassing in our mines and mining our precious metals WILL result in the one of the following:

  • Your rare gems WILL be appropriated from your backpack and distributed among the valiant Barter Town citizens.
  • You WILL be killed and looted. Your body will then be placed in embarrassing positions.
  • And you MIGHT also have a very pleasant conversation with a thief.

Barter Town Pawn Shop

A log cabin, soon to be stocked and sporadically re-stocked with various goods. From gems to jewels, from arties to scrolls. Very close to town guards. Shop without any risk of getting murdered. Buy [your] stolen goods [back] here.

Barter Town Stables

The stables are still available for public use. You’ll often find a thief or two stealing from a packy. Don’t be alarmed.

The rest of Chad Sexington’s exploits can be found here.

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