December 23rd – Christmas Paragon Party!

5 pm EST – It’s Paragon Hunting Time!

Ok Siege – nothing fancy about this one.

Here’s my Christmas present to you: I will spend a LOT of time spawning creatures all over Ilshenar – creatures that don’t normally appear there. Any that aren’t paragons, I’ll get rid of, leaving you a lot of unusual paragon creatures to hunt. If you’re lucky, they may drop paragon chests – and these will be extremely rare.

So, that’s the plan. If there are any specific creatures that you’d like a shot at getting a chest from, please let me know. Yes, I’m taking suggestions – and I’ll try to make sure there are at least 20 of each creature that I’m asked for. Unless someone lists every creature in the game, in which case all bets are off, and you’ll have to put up with whatever I think of!

So, on the 23rd, from 5 pm EST onwards, be on the lookout for shiny golden paragons! I’ll be dropping them completely at random, all over the place!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Hunting!

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December 31st – The Death of 2017

Hello Siege!

I have no idea how many of you will be around at the end of the year, and with all our different time zones, it makes it hard to ring in the New Year together. So, let’s kill the old one instead!

I have a completely empty, undecorated, very large dungeon, just waiting to be filled with blood.

This dungeon will be made available for you, only for the last day of the year.

You are invited to fight in it, to simply wander around it, to bring your pets to train there, or to use the ground for decorating. Whatever you want. I’d be really happy to see you set up your own PvP tournament there – but the choice is yours.

Oh, and there will be dark wisps appearing now and then.

From time to time, I will drop by, and rename a wisp for a passing player, and the year – e.g. “Sid of Skara survived 2017”. There will be a chance – a small chance, but a chance – that wisp will drop a paragon chest. I won’t be there all day and all night, but I will drop by several times on the day.

So, Happy Old Year, Siege. I hope you’ve enjoyed 2017’s events!

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December Fishing Event – Winter Dragonfish

November’s contest was a free-for-all – if it was a fish, it was eligible to enter!

The winner of November’s contest was Mapario Naharis, with a 181 stone Big Fish.

That fish will also be entered into the “Big Fish of the Year” contest, and will be mounted at the Reward Hall. Congratulations!

On to December!

What more appropriate for December than the Winter Dragonfish?

So, pull on your warmest fishing gear, bait those lines, and get hunting!

Drop all the fish you catch in the mailbox at the EM Hall.

The largest Winter Dragonfish in the mailbox by the end of December wins, and will have their fish mounted in the reward hall.

Also remember the ongoing contest for the biggest fish of the year – any “big fish” you catch can also be thrown into the EM’s smelly mailbox!

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All EM Events for November 2017


First, yes, all events in November will be on Saturdays. I apologise to those who like their Friday evening events, but circumstances this month have left me with absolutely no available time on Fridays. We should be back to normal next month, whatever normal passes for around here!

Second, a lot of people have been emailing me asking which events will give drops. Well, first, it’s pretty easy to figure out that you won’t get a drop at the Siege Council Meeting (most of the time) and it’s pretty easy to figure out that you won’t get a drop while treasure hunting. So, that generally leaves two weekends (occasionally 3) in the month when you might get a drop. Anything beyond that, I’m not talking. Come along for the fun, come along for the community, come along to moan at the EM if you want to – I can take it! Just – come along! But I will not tell you exactly when a drop is going to occur, and I will not tell you how many drops are likely to occur. I’m here to entertain, not to make you rich. If you get rich as a side-effect of me entertaining you, that’s a happy coincidence.

Third, I’ve had a lot of emails asking for more PvP events. Just as soon as I can work out a way to keep everyone happy, you’ll get another one. So, be patient – it’ll probably be in December or January. Although, a Valentine’s Day Massacre could be fun…!


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November Fishing Contest

This month, it’s a free-for-all!

Catch a rare or legendary fish. Any fish that shows who caught it, and what it weighs! Yes, that’s right – ANY fish. Named fish, Big fish, whatever jumps into your boat! Bring your biggest and best, and deposit it in the mailbox at the House of Commons (EM Hall) 2 screens north of Britain Moongate!

You don’t have to fish anywhere weird or dangerous (but you can!). You don’t need 120 fishing (but it helps!) You don’t need a fancy fishing hat (Unless you’re scared of sun burn!).

The winner will have their name recorded in the fishing area of the Reward Hall.

So – get fishing!

The contest ends on the last day of the month!


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November 25th, 5 pm EST : Treasure Hunt

What you need to know

  • We will dig up multiple treasure chests. How many depends on time, and how many players want to keep on digging. So theoretically, this event could go all night, or until the EM collapses.
  • When the chest is dug up, backpacks will be placed on the ground and gradually filled with the contents of the chest. Please do not remove these backpacks.
  • From the moment that a backpack is placed, you are welcome to help yourself to whatever you can grab from inside that backpack.
  • Anything that is not grabbed will be taken back to the House of Commons (EM Hall) when the chest is empty. The backpack will be locked down, with access set to everyone. So, it’s sometimes worth checking them the day after the treasure hunt – especially if you are training imbuing, or want “Clean up” points.
  • If you want to tame any of the monsters that come out of the chest, please let the group know. This will prevent your potential pet from being murdered, and the other players will try to help you subdue it. Of course, not everything works out perfectly all the time…
  • After every chest, we will return to the EM Hall. While we are doing a chest, a gate to the location will be opened from the hall. So, keep checking in – you can join or leave us whenever you like.
  • The location of the maps varies (Mostly Fel, some Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno and Ter Mur), but the lowest we will ever dig up is a level 6 map.
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November 18th at 5 pm EST : The Three Principles, Part Two

The cult begun by the Pagan Titans continued to work its way across the land, like a sickness.

Despite the victories over the Titans, despite the celebrations in Britain, many felt wronged, somehow. It didn’t take much. Some had rewards from the king for fighting the titans, some had not. Some had won strange weapons from the followers of the titans, some had not. Some were simply fated to never be happy with their lot, and needed little excuse to throw in with the cultists – some needed more persuasion. Some were easily bought with offers of gold, power and fame.

In any case, there was a common thread – the hatred that was being stirred up in their hearts. And so, it came to pass that the place that had once housed the altar of love in Empath Abbey was desecrated, and many of the monks murdered. Strange sounds had been heard coming from the compassion desert, and the Royal Guard found someone trying to sell the great heart from the Compassion Shrine in New Magincia’s marketplace!

King Blackthorn read these reports, and pondered. This cult needed to be stopped, most certainly – but how did one build up love, while opposing a hate-filled enemy with blades and spells?

He had a feeling that it would be easier to answer that question once all cultists were in the dungeon or the graveyard – but what of the second principle? How did that apply to destructive enemies?

What you need to know

  • No, nobody is asking you to love monsters and cultists to death. Just hit them.
  • Gates will be available at the usual places.  The list can be found here.
  • Some of this will be in a guard zone, some it will be outside. Dress appropriately. The Compassion Shrine is in a desert – I hate getting sand in my robe.
  • No, I still won’t tell you if there are drops. There will be loot. There will be fun. Come along!
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November 11th at 5 pm EST : Siege Council Meeting

This is an epilogue of sorts to the event of Nov 4th.

The king has decreed that he is much to busy for any liaisons, so could the strange lady who keeps trying to climb in through the window of the Royal Bedchamber please take up another occupation. Thank you.

What you need to know

  • Gates will appear in the usual places
  • The Council Meeting is open to all.
  • Violence and theft will result in a dip in the moat.
  • All other details can be found here and here.
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November 4th at 5 pm EST : Dragonfire, treason and plot









With a muffled “clink”, the pickaxe broke through into the room beyond. An eye peered through the hole, and, seeing no reaction to the noise, leather gloved hands started to slowly work the edges of the hole. Once the hole was big enough for the shadowy miner to fit his upper body through, he reached up, and secured a large, black tapestry, bearing Lord Blackthorn’s symbol of chaos to the wall, covering his work. Reaching down, he retrieved all the debris that his efforts had created.

Next, the figure pulled himself out of the hole, stepped into the room, and surveyed his handiwork. Nobody would be likely to distinguish the tapestry from the others like it around what looked like a large library, and it was very unlikely that anyone would look behind it.

Buying the house at the other end of the tunnel had taken most of his gold. After all, it was prime real estate – housing was scarce on Serpents Hold, especially this close to the council chambers – it had cost a small fortune! But, it would all be worth it very soon. His fellow conspirators had given him all the information he needed to make get the tunnel exactly right.

Pulling off his miner’s headgear, Juxmani drew the tapestry aside, and gave a low whistle down the tunnel. Soon, large barrels were being passed through the hole to him, which he started to place around the room, and down the corridors beyond. One had leaked slightly, which worried him no end. He left that one behind a bookcase, its purple contents slowly seeping into the ground.

In the hours that followed, he wandered the halls of the Royal Archives, laying fine thread from each barrel to the hole that he had made, ever vigilant for the sounds of visitors, or worse, guards. But none came. Why should they? These halls contained records of every council meeting ever held, but that was only of value to historians and students. Once a decision was made, it was enshrined into law – and the legal libraries were beneath the courts in Yew, far from here. Besides, his man inside the Council had made sure that nobody would be here tonight – the fool had been so easily bribed, you’d think he’d never seen a bag of gold coins before.

Casting a lasting spell of invisibility on his fuses, and disguising the last of the barrels within a bookcase, Juxmani made his way back into the hole. Now, all he had to do was wait until the king and his lackeys next gathered. The barrels of refined explosives, carefully brewed by his best alchemists, would soon leave a smoking crater where the Council had stood, and the new order could begin in earnest. Blackthorn would be a smoking memory, hopefully one soon forgotten.

All that remained was to obtain a few dragons. They would be released as the council convened, and the devastation would be easily blamed on them. Then, he would step forwards from the shadows, accuse Blackthorn of forbidden experimentation on the hapless beasts, and draw all the people’s loyalties to him. What could possibly go wrong?

What you need to know:

  • Yes, I am aware that Guy Fawkes Night is largely unknown in the USA. This isn’t it. Please ignore all similarities. They are purely coincidental. *cough*
  • Gates will be available in the usual places. If you don’t know what “the usual places” are, click here.
  • Most of this will take place outside of the guard zone. Dress accordingly.
  • Will there be drops? I’m not telling you. Ever. Come along and find out!
  • I will tell you that there will be some Crimson Dragons around Serpents’ Hold (some in the guard zone), which occasionally drop really nice items. They’ll start appearing some time before the event, if you’re feeling bored. Luck suits help with their loot, but don’t blame me if you are the one who gets looted.
  • I do not advocate blowing up governments. If you want to do that, don’t drag me into it!


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All EM Events for October 2017

What you need to know for all events:

Gates will appear at all major teleporter hubs, and all player run town monuments.

Gates will also appear at the following banks: WBB, Zento, Bucs Den and Luna

Most events take place outside of a guard zone. Come prepared to lose life, limb, equipment, and possibly everything in your backpack.

During the Siege Council Meeting, troublemakers are welcome to avail themselves of the facilities in the moat. The water is lovely, and the fish don’t bite much.


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