March 2015 event schedule

Tuesday, March 10 at 9pm EST – Virtue Mission

Monday, March 16 at 9pm EST – Ghost Race

Friday, March 20 at 8pm EST – Escort

Sunday, March 22 at 3pm EST – Council Meeting

Tuesday, March 24 at 8am (morning!) EST – Breakfast with Exodus

Sunday, March 29 at 3pm EST – VvV Battle

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Governors’ Council Meeting

Lord Blackthorn wishes to meet with his Governors this weekend to get an update on local happenings in Britannia. This council meeting is open to the public, as usual, so citizens are encouraged to attend and will be given a chance to speak in front of the king and their representative.

When: Sunday, January 18 at 4pm EST (GMT -5)
Where: The Governors’ Council Chambers in Serpent’s Hold (gates provided; Luna and West Brit)

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Exodus Bashing!

He’s big. He’s ugly. And he said something about your mother. He’s the Clockwork Exodus. So, join Grand Marshal Cromwell this Thursday for a little Guard training exercise as we beat up on the ol’ machine.

This is a Black Watch training mission, but all are welcome to come! Potential new recruits will be given the opportunity to pledge their service to the Black Watch before we head out., but joining the Watch is not required.

When: Thursday, January 15 at 8pm EST (GMT -5)
Where: Outside the Council Chamber, Serpent’s Hold. Gates provided from West Britain and Luna banks.

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Meet and Greet

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! Now, back to vidja gamin’!

I’d like to hold a little non-RP meet and greet with anyone that can make it, this Sunday, so we may chat. Governor meets, the Royal Guard (Black Watch), and random silliness will be on the agenda.

We shall meet. Drink. And come up with a fun month of events!

When: Sunday, January 4 at 4pm EST (GMT -5)
Where: EM Hall (north of Brit Moongate), gates to be provided from Luna and WBB

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Fighting back

Dupre reports his discovering of supply movements involving Anon’s forces. It is time to take the fight to those supporting Vice.

When: Friday, December 19 at 8pm EST (GMT -5)
Where: Moongates to rally point provided from Luna and the bank in West Britain

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Imminent Threat

Sir Dupre suspects Vice forces are planning an attack based on rumored troop sightings. But with little information returned from scouting parties, no details on location or timing are yet available. Dupre calls upon Britannia’s warriors to aid him in uncovering Minax’s motives.

When: Saturday 1pm EST (GMT -5)
Where: Serpent’s Hold. Gates provided from Luna and the bank in West Brit

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Vice troops spotted!

Vice troops, presumed to be under the command of Minax, have been the subject of recent rumors among fishermen and sea traders. Several groups have been spotted near shorelines throughout Britannia.

Citizens of Britannia are asked to report any sightings at the Council Chamber building in Serpent’s Hold (just south of the bank) so that the information may be made readily available to Sir Dupre and his Virtue fighters.

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The Black Watch is Recruiting New Members

Grand Marshal William “Iron-Will” Cromwell has established “The Black Watch” as the new Royal Guard.  New Recruits are needed to protect the King and Kingdom.

Interested parties should apply in person in front of Castle Blackthorn on Saturday, August 30th, at 4:00pm Eastern.

For more information, please visit: The Black Watch

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Governor’s Meeting 08/31/2014 @ 3:30pm

King Blackthorn hereby requests the attendance of the Governors at a Meeting on August 31st, at 3:30pm Eastern in the Serpent’s Hold Council Chambers. All are welcome.

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Town Banner


Please send your banner applications to  These should include:

1. Town name
2. Town location (please leave a rune to your town in the EM Reward Hall mailbox)
3. Date the town was founded
4. Number of houses
5. Suggested coordinates for the banner
6. InsideUO numbers for the components of the banner
7. A jpg of the proposed banner (Complete and Exploded views if possible)
8. As well as answers to these questions:
A) Define: Which houses are part of the town and what marks a house as part of the town?
B) Activity: How does your town promote a vibrant community?
C) History: Where can one find more information about the history of your town?
D) Communication: How would visitors to your town normally communicate with its inhabitants?
E) Describe:  How does the banner’s design reflect your town and the Siege Perilous community?

Also include:  Where you would prefer the banner to be placed with coordinates
Banner Design

We reserve the right to make changes to your design and its location. Also, the banner must not block house placement. Here is a page with more information on banners, including an exploded view of a banner’s design.
InsideUO should be used to find the correct ID numbers of the components for the proposed banner. It will also help you to construct a picture of the banner.

Banners are limited to a size of 6×6 tiles. Designs should be similar to the Gyldenfeld banner in terms of size, complexity and number of items used.  Banner designs that do not meet the requirements will be returned.
Town Recognition Requirements:

1) Minimum of 5 Establishments in a geographical area that promotes the community of the inhabitants.  If you are applying for a tavern or single establishment, it must meet all of the other requirements listed except for leadership.

2) Some sort of leadership structure, mayor, council for example.

3) Town Activity, the town should have citizens around at least a few times each month, usually with some announced meetings or events.

4) Must have 6 months of history.  There should be an archive of records either in game or outside of the game.

5) Web Sites and/or Message Boards, mailbox, books, barkeep or other ways to communicate with citizens, patrons, and visitors. The web site or board usually gives information about what the town is designed for, who the mayor is, and how people can get involved with the town.


A banner placed in the town, the town has design input.   In the future we may add teleporters connecting the towns to a central area (perhaps the Luna Fair Grounds)

Special thanks to Mesanna and the Chesapeake, Great Lakes, Origin and Europa Event Moderators for making this possible.

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