Venture into the Void

May 13th, 5 pm Eastern Time, 10 pm British Summertime, 2 am Indian Standard Time

Blackthorn stepped carefully over the grey-black corpse of the many-tentacled horror, flanked on either side by his red-and-black watchmen. His eyes were not on the many fallen corpses of the invaders, but the horrific sight of what had once been one of Trinsic’s paladins, now splattered across the side of a house, a deep indentation in the wall where the man’s body had been flung against it.

All about him, in the now-red grass, were body parts, still covered with the remains of various types of armour. Ring mail, chain mail, even plate – shredded, as if it was a scribe’s scroll. And none of the fallen could be raised, no matter how the healers tried. The black slime that clung to their bodies seemed to prevent any attempt to call the dead back to life.

Not so very far away, he could hear grown men weeping, groaning in agony, and new widows wailing for their lost husbands. A head garishly decorated the chimney of a nearby house, blood still dripping from it, running down the roof.

“Get that poor man’s head down from there, and try to give these people a – a – a decent burial.” he ordered. ‘Burial’. It had been so long since he had even heard the term. So long ago that he could not even remember who it was for – but, that was what you did with a body that could not return to life, wasn’t it? He wished he knew for certain. There were graveyards across the land, but when was the last time anyone had actually needed one? Apart from the vampires, of course.

“My lord, you need to see this!”

A young mage arrived at his side, breathless, and waving a scroll. With great effort, Blackthorn pulled his eyes away from the carnage of Trinsic, and read the contents of the scroll.

“Summon Commander Bhaltair. We have what we needed. These creatures will pay for what they have done, and these brave paladins will be avenged!”

He crumpled the scroll, and strode towards a pair of mages who were maintaining a moongate back to Britain. Finally, some good news – but where was he sending his warriors?

What you need to know

  • Gates will be provided in the usual places.
  • This event will be very, very far from any guard zones.
  • Town Criers will do their usual thing.
  • Wandering Healers will also do their usual thing.
  • Reminders will be made via general chat an hour before the event.
  • Striped shirts and Tartan leggings do not go together well.
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Black Watch Paragon Party

Saturday 29th April.  10 pm British Summertime. 5 pm Eastern Time. 7 am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

“Commander Bhaltair, these men and women are going to be slaughtered!” thundered King Blackthorn, his fist making the heavy oak meeting table shake. “The Royal detective told me what happened on Fire Island! Apart from one well trained, small band of warriors, it was a massacre! Half the kingdom’s healers are exhausted from the effort of healing and restoring so many!”

“What you say is true, my king.” stated the commander of the Black Watch calmly “but you have to admit, they have great courage, and are exceedingly loyal to you. I can work with that. All they need is practice.”

“The first, I’ll give you. No one doubts their courage. Their loyalty, I do question. I have reports of bodies of these creatures being stacked in the town square, all dressed as me! How is that loyal?”

Several of the council members around the table tried, and failed, to suppress their laughter. A deep glare from the king almost managed to quiet them, but there were still a few muffled snorts and giggles.

“Sire” said Bhaltair “would that I could spare the men to investigate that insult to your good self, but every able bodied person needs to report for training. I have a plan.”

The king looked sideways in the direction of the Royal gamekeeper, who had disappeared under the table, overcome with laughter. “Yes? What about that one? I consider him able bodied, don’t you?”  The laughter stopped abruptly.

“Quite so, my lord. Quite so. Now, to the matter of training. I have reports of a large number of paragon beasts in a region of Ilshenar. Given the might of the creatures we have faced so far, I think that these beasts should provide a similar threat. The advantage is that we can face them one at a time, rather than as a great horde. From there, perhaps we can work it up to two or three at a time, until the warriors are fully trained and capable?”

“A sound suggestion, commander. And, as added incentive, we will allow the troops to keep any treasures that these beasts might carry – tax free! That should be sufficient reward for their efforts!”

“Indeed, my liege. I shall make it so.”

What you need to know:

  • Gates will be made available from the usual places.
  • Announcements will be made by town criers.
  • Reminders will be broadcast in general chat approx. 1 hour before the event.
  • Paragons are fast, and will lock onto you if you try to run away.
  • Ilshenar is most decidedly not in a guard zone.
  • Wandering healers, red and blue, will be around.
  • This is not a “drop” event, but you have a higher than usual chance of paragon chests.
  • Points will be awarded to anyone who has applied to join the Black Watch*
  • Points will not be awarded to member of “the resistance” for this event – but your day is coming! (Next week!) **

* You can apply to join the Black Watch by dropping a book with your character’s name, and “I would like to join the Black Watch” in the mailbox at the House of Commons (EM Hall) north of the Britain Moongate.

** If you can’t stand the thought of working for Blackthorn, and have no intention of following any of his laws, you can join the resistance, by dropping a book with your character’s name and “drop dead Blackthorn” or something similar in the same mailbox!  You can, of course, still come to the event!

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Dark beginnings

Friday 5th May, 5 pm Eastern Time, 10 pm British Summer Time, 6 am Japan Standard Time!

Smoke wafted up from the chimney of the perfectly normal small cottage, and perfectly normal clothing hung on the washing line outside, flapping in the breeze. Everything about the cottage, even down to the neat flowerbeds adorned with jauntily painted wooden goblins, was perfectly normal. Which was just the way he wanted it. After all, appearances were everything, and he couldn’t have people suspecting that the freedom of all Britannia was slowly taking shape within, could he?

He put aside the perfectly measured bowl of cake mix that he’d been working on, and pressed a small groove on the dust-free fireplace. A spiral staircase was revealed as the rug swivelled away to the left of him, leading down into the private cavern below.

As he descended, and the rug flowed back into place, the spell of perfect normalcy that protected his sanctum thrummed quietly, keeping his secrets safe, and the neighbours jealous of his perfectly manicured lawn.

Pulling a shadowy hood about his face, he stepped from the staircase, and took a neatly penned scroll from the clockwork scribe that worked tirelessly on the information that his network of spies brought him. The edge of his mouth twitched slightly – almost a smile – as he read the names of those who had already sworn allegiance to the cause. All was going according to plan.

Blackthorn would never know what hit him.

You are citizens of Siege Perilous, but you will never bow before King Blackthorn. Today could be the day everything starts to change for you, in a big way.  You heard talk of a shadowy figure, calling dissenters to rise up, and take the land for themselves, to be under Blackthorn’s thumb no more. Think about it: No more guards. No one keeping you from taking everything you deserve. No one to tell you “you can’t do that”. No one.

Come and gather in a secluded place, far from the prying eyes of the King’s lackeys and pampered sheep, as we begin to plan a new Britannia – one where we set the rules!

What you need to know

  • Gates will be provided from the usual locations.
  • There will be a reminder in general chat about an hour before the event.
  • Keep an eye on the town criers for basic details.
  • This is a role play event. There may be some PvP if any Blackthorn-loving lackeys turn up.
  • A general outline of how this group will work will be provided.
  • This is your chance to offer your ideas, and have your say in how this will run.
  • The “good guys” are welcome to try to spy on the event – if they dare.
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Competition : Who is the biggest bully?

Advance notice : THREE DAY TAMER EVENT

  • Round One : Friday 2nd June
  • Round Two : Saturday 3rd June
  • Round Three : Sunday 4th June

10 pm British Standard Time  / 5 pm Eastern Time

Changes are coming to taming. Some of us like change. But to some of us, it’s like a red flag to a bull.

So, get out there. Tame your bulls!  Why? Is this just a lot of bull? No! Starting on Friday the 2nd of June, Siege will have a weekend of Bull Fighting!

You have more than a month to plan and prepare, so get training those bulls!

Gather together each evening to see whose bull is the biggest, the best, the toughest, in a last bull standing event!


  • Tamers may use anything they like directly on their bull. (healing, masteries, spells, etc)
  • Tamers may not attack the opposing bull, or its tamer. Doing so will result in disqualification.
  • Bulls may not attack opposing tamers. Doing so will result in disqualification.
  • A victory is earned when your bull kills your opponent’s bull.
  • Once a bull is dead, it will be removed from the arena, ready for resurrection.
  • Once a bull has died, it is out of the day’s competition, but can try again the next day.
  • Once a bull has died, the next competitor may enter the arena.
  • A bull stays in the arena until it is dead, unless its tamer wishes to forfeit.
  • At the end of day three (Sunday) the winners of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are invited to compete for the prize. If the same bull wins all three days, then they’ve already won.
  • The prize will be a trophy displayed at the Hall of Champions in Malas.
  • Gates to the arena will be made available. Watch town criers and General Chat for details.
  • The EM promises not to enter an Easter Bunny disguised as a bull.

Lastly, this is a bullfight. Only bulls allowed.
A gaman is not a bull. A boura is not a bull either. A dragon is definitely not a bull, even if it’s male.
There will be other tamer events in future. Chicken fights. Anything goes fights. Man vs Beast fights. Dragon fights. We can even have sewer rat fights if there’s enough demand!

But this one is a bullfight. Please don’t have a cow.


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Governors’ Meeting

21st April, 2017. 5 pm Eastern Time / 10 pm British Standard Time.  

Blackthorn inspected the fortifications of the council chambers, and nodded approval. Any strange creature from the void who entered unannounced would deeply regret their impropriety. Energy snares, mind spikes, mana siphons, and a particularly nasty bladed device were all installed, warded, and warded again.

The governors needed to be updated as to recent events, that they might stand some hope of defending their people. But the day-to-day running of the towns was still as much a part of life in war as in peace.

Blackthorn deftly side-stepped a freshly positioned pressure plate beneath the carpet, and headed for the royal study to prepare.


Governors of Siege Perilous! Representatives of Towns! Citizens of Sosaria!

You are hereby notified of a Governors’ meeting to be held in the Governors’ Council Chambers!
Governors, please bring a report of the state of your town.

Those who have applied to join the Black Watch and believe themselves ready for battle are invited to stand guard. The crown is aware that you have not yet received any training or equipment – it is your choice to attend in an official role.


Notes regarding Governor Events

Please note that Governor Events have a clearly defined role.
They are there for the governors to discuss the state of their towns.
They are there for the governors to request events that will benefit their towns.
They are there for the king to obtain information.
They are there for the king to provide information about upcoming events.
This particular type of event is not a PvP event. It is a roleplay event. However this only applies to the Governors’ Council Chamber. Anything or anyone outside of this room is fair game. Governors, you are expected to give the king your full attention during the meeting.

Anyone attempting to PvP within the Governors’ Council Chamber, or otherwise disrupt the meeting beyond the bounds of roleplay – will find themselves thrown into the moat. This extends to anyone, regardless of whether you are blue, red, orange or grey, citizen or governor. The council chambers are not a hiding place for combatants. The council chambers are to be considered a conference room, and nothing more.

A dip in the moat is considered to be a warning.

After three dips in the moat during one meeting, you will find yourself banned from the hall for the duration of the meeting. No discussions will be entered into in this regard. Once banned, you are banned for the duration of the meeting. End of discussion.

No bans are permanent, and all bans will be cleared at the end of the meeting.

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The Soulstealer Chapter III – Know thy enemy

15th April, 2017. 10 pm UK Time / 5 pm EST

Blackthorn scowled at the scrolls before him. The report from the Black Watch was the most troublesome, but many other parties had reported disturbances and disappearances across the land.
The enemy – no, one of the enemies – would appeared out of nowhere, take one or more victims, and vanish, never to be seen again. At this rate, he would be ruling an empty kingdom!

Then there was the other foe. Commander Bhaltair had given a lengthy report of a shadowy figure, clad all in black, who had directly attacked him as he tried to gather new recruits for the Watch. Bhaltair was a veteran of many battles – for the foe to have left the scene with his own head still attached was extremely troubling.

But here was a new threat – someone who wanted to stir up dissent amongst the people, offering them whatever they wanted to hear. More information was needed. This had to be stopped before it gained any ground.

Blackthorn plucked a pen from his desk, and wrote, then signed and sealed instructions for the Royal Detective. He needed to know who this man was, and where he called home, mostly so that the brigand could open his door to find a squad of well-equipped soldiers come calling.

But, to the other matter. One of the scrolls spoke of strange sightings in the southern seas – flashes of light, plumes of smoke, and strange sounds. This needed to be investigated, and quickly! Perhaps a well armed scouting party?

He picked up another scroll, and started to write.


What you need to know

On the fifteenth of April, at 5 pm Eastern time, 10 pm United Kingdom time, you are invited to gather at the EM Hall north of the Britain Moongate.

Gates to this location will be provided from several places, including Luna Bank, West Britain Bank, Zento Bank, and several teleport hubs.

This event will not be in a guard zone. There is likely to be fierce fighting – both players and monsters. Equip yourself accordingly!

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The Soulstealer Chapter II : The Black Watch

7th April 2017 10 pm UK time / 5 pm Eastern

Commander Bhaltair scowled at the rejoined pieces of the scroll he had been handed. He could just make out a few letters of the signature – “T_oub_d_r”.

So, these were the sole remaining records of the Black Watch?

His predecessor’s office had not so much resembled a place of records and tactics as a war zone. The walls scorched with magic, a heavy broadsword protruding from the wall, the furniture reduced to kindling, and pieces of a heavy order shield embedded in the walls, the ceiling the door and the floor. Most worrying was the pair of valorite plate sollerets on the floor, with a strange black substance oozing from them. What had happened to their occupant?

He put those thoughts aside, and gazed down the carefully reconstructed scroll. A bleak thought came to his mind: “How many of these names are also on the king’s list?”

He called for a runner. “Take this scroll, and have a copy made for every town. It is to be posted where all can see it. Add this scroll as well, as a footnote. Recruitment begins.”

It was a start, at least. Now, to the training plans!

As he strode across the courtyard, his head filled with thoughts of tactics and defence, a shadowy figure watched from behind some bales of straw. The voice from the void had been right, but the loot was terrible, and someone kept throwing him out a window into the moat. Still, the voice did seem to have his best interests at heart. He watched, and gathered intelligence on the enemy. There was far too much order in this kingdom for his liking. Far too much. Something had to be done about that, and he was just the man to do it!


[please note: these are the only details I have of the previous Black Watch. If you feel they are wrong, please bring proof, such as a sash with your true rank on it, to the EM Hall near the Britain Moongate, after the event.]
Bastian WindwongConscript1
Chlorz FangConscript4
Event HorizonCandidate10
Igg A PieConscript14
Luka MelehanConscript2
Toth UrZrethiConscript7
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The Soulstealer Chapter I : Aftermath

Blackthorn leaned on his balcony, and stared out across the water, ignoring the illusory doppelgangers placed there for his own protection  It made no sense. People did not just disappear. At worst, their ghosts were sent scurrying across the landscape in frantic search of a shrine, a wandering healer, or one of Mondain’s priests. But this? Insanity!

The senior Royal Detective had left no stone unturned. How had this travesty passed unnoticed? How had the people of the land been fooled into thinking this was something natural?  As he read, names flew past his eyes. Groups, Clans, even whole towns!

Evergreen adventurers. At least three large tribes of orc. Delucia’s once-massive Trade Association. House Lynn’Dannae. Arc-en-ciel. Many citizens of Yew’s Shire. A seemingly endless parade of knights. Hordes of savages. Even darker souls were listed. The Blood Clan. The Remnant. The Undead, and their Undead Lords.  Vampiric Embrace. Gone, as hard to find as a silver steed. It seemed that the beast did not discriminate.

Blackthorn noted the names of Dagashi, Bey’lik and  Nadal T’Sarran. That might shed some light on the financial issues raised at the council last night. He paused, and made a note to find out exactly who was currently collecting taxes for the crown.

A messenger reported that fresh wards had been placed in the council chambers. Good. Last night had been a disaster. Those creatures had slaughtered the council before his eyes. His own spells had served to weaken the attackers greatly, but that did not change the facts. Men and women who had presumed themselves to be under the protection of the crown had lain dead at his feet.Their blood still stained the floor.

He started to see patterns forming. First, remove the largest Trade Association – Delucia’s.. That had been slowly weakening the economy, and would eventually result in most citizens being driven towards just one or two towns. That in turn meant easy pickings for evil, with all their victims easy to find. Next, weaken the healers. Every healer summoned to the council meeting has been thwarted, their powers drained as soon as they arrived. The thought of a land in which the dead could not be resurrected – perhaps that explained the missing. Had they all died, permanently? An icy chill ran down his royal spine.

Blackthorn entered his library, where a small army of mages, healers, and warriors stood in battle formation around a fairly plain-looking scroll.The copy had had made of the one stolen from the council last night.

As he reached for the scroll, he felt the mages combine to cast spells of protection on him, and saw their great energy fields humming and crackling around the room. An outer circle of mystics summoned their great stone beasts as an outer ring against attack.

If anything could get through this, he thought, then the realm would need a new king. He opened the scroll.

“Beware the thief of souls. She comes for the downhearted and oppressed, her arms filled with tempting gifts, and her voice dripping with the honey of a better life. She will consume you, and leave you an empty husk. Spells of resurrection or the most noble of sacrifices will not restore her victims.”

Scribes scurried about the shelves, bringing him any works which held even a thread of related information. Blackthorn read on, growing more concerned with every passing moment.

He needed more information. Perhaps a scouting party? But where to send them?

Scouts will be sent to gather information on the 15th of April.
The event will not be in a guard zone. More details to come!
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Void Pool Recognition

Saturday 3pm Eastern / 7pm UK

It was the middle of May, and the year was 2016.
Cora the sorceress, seeking forbidden knowledge, sent her minions forth.
43 stalwart defenders of Siege Perilous stepped forth to oppose her.
For nine and a half long hours, these 43 heroes stood firm, back to back,
as wave after wave of foul creatures crashed into them, howling for their blood.
That day, 255 waves were driven back.
Victorious, those unsung heroes returned to their homes.
The blood they shed, their great efforts barely noticed.

Until now.

Lord Blackthorn, king of Britannia has issued a royal invitation to you!
This weekend, we recognise this outstanding effort, and shout it to the world!
This is a proud day for Siege Perilous!
Two monuments to this amazing achievement will be unveiled for all to see.
The first ceremony will be at the West Britain Bank. A gate to the second location will be provided.

Please note: There is a possibility that VvV may trigger during the ceremony.
Also, note that the second location is far from the protection of the guards.
While Blackthorn will be protected by powerful spells, you will not be.
It is recommended that you either come well equipped and prepared for battle, or travel light, and do not bring any items that you are extremely fond of.
The choice is entirely yours!
Please refrain from engaging in battle until the end of the ceremony.

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Huntigowk Day

1st April, 10 pm GMT / 5 pm EST

[Note: By the 1st, UK clocks will have gone ahead one hour. It may be April 1st, but fool me once, blah blah blah. Keep an eye on the town criers. On with the show!]

The cart lay on its side, goods were strewn all over the track, and the horses had bolted. She could still hear the protests of her father, as they carried him unceremoniously through the trees: “Help! Put me down you brutes! This isn’t funny! Say, did you hear this one? An orc, an ettin and a troglodyte walk into a tavern, and – Ow! Stop hitting me! I am the royal jester, I’ll have you know! Put me down!”.

Glancing around the wreckage, she saw a small pouch with reagents spilling from it, and grabbed it. Running after her father’s kidnappers, she tried desperately to remember the words to a spell – any spell. Waving a hand desperately in the direction of her father’s loud complaints, she started to cast:

“In Bet Flam” she yelled. The smallest wisp of flame she’d ever seen shot through the trees and fizzled out in the air. She groaned and tried desperately to remember the words her teacher had tried to impart to her, just before she had accidentally turned his robe into a flock of tiny blade spirits. The healers said he would be back to normal in a year or so, and they said scars were a sign of character, didn’t they? In that case, he would have legendary character.

“In Uus Por!” she shouted, hoping to make them turn around and bring her father back. Instead, she was unceremoniously hauled skywards. As she narrowly missed a passing gargoyle, she caught a brief glimpse of where the vile band were heading, and then her neophyte spells flung her towards a nearby farm.

She staggered to her feet, covered in mashed pumpkins. A farmer who had come to see what had happened to his crop took one look at her, turned and fled. “Tis a fruit elemental! Run for yer lives! Aaargh!  Aaaaaaaggghhh!!  Argh!”

She sighed deeply and squelched towards the main road. Whoever would rescue her poor father now?


What you need to know:

  • Start time is 10 pm UK. That should be 5 pm EST unless Hawkwind’s still messing with time. A pox on folks who mess with clocks.
  • We will meet at the EM Hall near the Britain Moongate.
  • Gates to the EM Hall will be provided in a variety of places.
  • All are welcome. Really. I wouldn’t lie about a thing like that.
  • Most of this will be outside the guard zone. Bank all valuables, or leave them at home.
  • It IS April 1st. But yes, there is an event. Announcing one and not holding it would be a terrible April Fool’s joke.
  • Fruit elementals are not a thing. Give it time, they probably will be.
With gratitude to Lady Hoffs for offering to change the date of the monthly auction, so more people could join in.
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