Friday 21st July : Besieged Buccaneers

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

Small sea-drakes circled around the crows nest, their small burps of flame keeping the evening’s chill at bay. Crows nest! Ha! In all his years as lookout, Merker had never found a crow up there. Gulls, cormorants, sea-drakes, and the occasional hapless fish, dropped by some passing sea bird, but no crows. Still, over the years, he’d made it comfortable, and the crew depended on his sharp eyes, so it kept him away from the more demanding chores aboard The Ocean’s Claw.

Far below, the crew lounged about, enjoying the last remaining spoils from a their last victim – a Tokuno merchant ship. Crazy Sabbat strutted about in the strange red leggings he’d claimed, wearing a helmet that made him look like a cross between a gargoyle and a vorpal bunny.
Then he spotted something – a mere spec on the horizon, but it was something. He picked up his spyglass, and took a closer look. He wished he hadn’t.
“Man the decks!” he screamed down to the dozing pirates “hoist the mainsail! Kraken! Monsters! Captain! We are all doomed! A swarm of Kraken, approaching at speed!”

“Kraken?” In his cabin, Captain Malo leapt from behind his desk, and grabbed his most mottled brown leggings. Frantically pulling them on, he burst through the door, and started shouting orders.
“Drunken swabs! What’s this sittin’ around drinkin’? Want to be squid food, me hearties? We all heard the lookout – now get us movin’, an in the opposite direction ta yon monstrosities!”

The men, drunk though they were, wasted no time. Captain Malo was to be feared far more than any Kraken, but both of them together was a threat that no pirate wanted to face. The ship began to gain speed, as the spec on the horizon became clearer, writhing tentacles reaching towards the sky.

“You six – man the heavy cannons!” yelled the first mate “If those beasts catch up to us, we’ll make ‘em regret it! The rest of yer, more speed! More speed!!!”
Smaller squids began to appear, leaping out of the waves in a most uncharacteristic fashion. Such speed! The captain groaned. This would not be an easy escape, and might be an even worse battle.

One of the ship’s mages staggered to the rail, sorely regretting the afternoon’s drinking contest, and even more greatly regretting the spells he’d cast to allow him to consume more than his shipmates!
Still, he managed to send several bolts of chain lightning crashing into the waves. Severed tentacles floated to the surface. A frustrated roar came from somewhere behind them, as the krakens gradually closed the distance.

Then, with a shuddering jolt, and a terrible slithering noise, the ship stopped. From his viewpoint above, Merker saw something rising from the sea, engulfing the ship’s figurehead. Had a kraken caught up to them? Perhaps a leviathan? No – this was bigger, and the tentacles were silver-hued … almost glowing. Were those even tentacles, or something else?

The head of the Charybdis rose from the waters, taking a huge bite out of the ship’s prow. Somehow, a shadowy figure, clad in a dripping black hooded robe, stood atop it’s head, glowing reins controlling the beast.

The pirates ran about the deck frantically, as the captain barked orders that no one was listening to.
Three deck-hands managed to turn one of the heavy cannons, and fired at the Charybdis, which did more harm to the ship than the creature. The Ocean’s Claw began to list slightly, just as the first kraken crashed heavily into the stern. Worse, more could be seen advancing across the horizon from every direction!
A writhing fry of eels sprawled across the deck, writhing and biting at anything that moved. The mage’s lightning saw them off, but by this point, several kraken were making short work of the captain’s cabin, the rudder, and the officer’s quarters.

One or two men had the presence of mind to launch a lifeboat, and took off rowing as fast as they could – to no avail. Eels and squid swarmed all over the small craft, until it sank beneath their combined weight. Blood stained the water, as the sun started to dip beneath the horizon.

Merker looked down in horror as he saw his crewmates eaten, torn limb from limb, or simply disappear as they threw themselves into the black waters – waters which were slowly coming closer, as the ship began to sink beneath the waves. What happened to ghosts who were lost at sea, he wondered. He had never seen a ghost cross water. What happened to one that was trapped in the drink? He was certain that this would soon be a mystery no more!

As he watched Captain Malo disappear into the maw of a kraken, a soaking wet figure suddenly threw itself over the edge of the crows nest, and grabbed him by the lapels. “Merker! What are ye just sitting here for, laddie?” barked the blood-stained mage at him “We can’t stay up here!”
Merker looked at him with open mouth .Where was he supposed to go? He was flailing about in the air, atop a mast that would soon disappear beneath the sea! He had no boat!

The mage stared at him in despair, and then grabbed the black pearl that Merker wore around his neck for luck. “Saved!!!” he screamed, waving a handful of soggy herbs under Merker’s nose. “Saehrimnir shall not be supper this night!” With that, he started sprouting even more gibberish. A moongate opened in the air, and the mage dived through, dragging Merker behind him.

They hit the ground near a building that Merker recognised as the bank of Buccaneer’s Den. He staggered to his feet – and just in time. A massive claw came crashing through the gate, hitting the spot where he’d landed. Osiredon! As if the kraken were not enough, they had no hope of survival against a Scalis Enforcer! The claw groped around, trying to keep its prey from escaping. Then, the moongate slammed shut, leaving the claw on the ground, strangely hued blood flowing from it – blood that bubbled and steamed when it touched the ground.

The mage – Saehrimnir, apparently – pulled his tattered robe about him, looked at the claw, and turned abruptly. “Right. If I get paid for that trip, then I’m a pickled Minocan. You’d best be finding lodgings fer the night, sonny – but don’t stay too close ta the water. That thing’ll be right proper unhappy about how you went a-choppin’ off his claw.”
“Me?? I didn’t chop anything off! You made the gate!” Merker spluttered.
“Aye, well, explain that ta that great overgrown slab of seafood when he gets here, would you?”

With that, the tattered one left.

Just when Merker thought his day couldn’t possibly get much worse, a mounted squad of Britannian knights galloped up and surrounded him.
“Right, you horrible little man” said their captain, prodding the claw with his lance “What’s the meaning of all this, then?”

Merker sighed, and came along quietly.



What you need to know

  • Gates will be made available at the usual places.
  • Juxmani, Son of Batlin, is mounting his first major assault on Blackthorn.
  • King Blackthorn will require your assistance in gathering more information about this attack, and dealing with this new threat.
  • Much of the event will take place outside the guard zones.
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Saturday July 15th : Siege Council meeting

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST


King Blackthorn welcomes all new and re-elected governors! Also, welcome to all town representatives!



What you need to know

  • Gates will be provided from the usual places.
  • Town Criers will do their usual thing.
  • Reminders will be sent via general chat an hour beforehand.
  • This is a standard council meeting.
  • Governors will be expected to attend, and provide a report on the state of their town. If you cannot attend, please send a report or a representative.
  • Player-run town representatives are invited to attend.
  • All citizens are welcome. If you would like to ask the king something, either approach your representative/governor, or step forward yourself.
  • Please keep all combat outside the council chambers unless you are fond of dips in the moat.
  • Please leave your pets outside. Any pets found in the council chamber will receive a complimentary bath in the moat.
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Saturday July 8th : Man Overboard!

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST 

The king has spoken! There shall be a race! A race by sea!

Seafaring adventurers! Fishermen! Eager swimmers! Riders of the Walrus! Oil your flippers!

The race will work as follows:

You will be summoned to a starting location, where you will be given a book, containing a riddle. This riddle, when solved, will give you a clue to the first location on your route, and a password.

When you arrive at your first location, you will tell the password to the guide who awaits you, and he or she will tell you your next location, and the next password.

As you go, write the passwords in your book.

The first person to arrive at the final location with all passwords in their book will have their name recorded in the Reward Hall for all to see!


What you need to know:

  • Gates will be made available at the usual places.
  • You NEED some form of sea-faring vessel. You are welcome to try to do this without a boat/ship, but you will not know which location is the last until you get there.
  • If you arrive at that location via land or by gate, you will be disqualified. There might even be lookouts at some of the other locations. So please, use a boat or a ship.
  • You need to record the passwords as you go. If any are missing when you reach the finish line, you will be disqualified.
  • Obviously, this will take place outside of a guard zone.
  • Blowing your opponents out of the water is a perfectly acceptable tactic. This is Siege. Why wouldn’t you sink the scurvy rats?
  • The book will be checked on arrival to make sure it is original. No handing out copied books to your first mate!  This also means, if you kill your opponents and their bodies decay, they’re out of the race.
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Mesanna, Monuments, and More!

Malas. Home of the gleaming city of Luna, and the shadowed streets of Umbra. To some people, a wonderful land, to others, the place where those people live.

Whatever your feelings about Malas, some people – quite a lot of them – have chosen to call it home.

And because of those people, today we had the honour of a visit from the Great Lady Mesanna herself! For today, two settlements on Siege gained recognition for their sense of community, their building efforts, and their determination to stick together!

So congratulations to the City of Mother Lode, west of Umbra, and the Town of UWSP – United Workers of Siege Perilous – a little way south of Luna! For today, both of you were recognised!

First, here is my new favourite picture of Siege, showing the Glorious Lady herself, as she brought forth Mother Lode’s town monument out of thin air and lava!

Isn’t she magnificent, rising from the flames?   *ahem*

That was the start of the monument. Here is the finished article. Pay no attention to the glacial cat-onion.

Then, as the fireworks subsided, it was on to UWSP town. Thankfully, there were no marauding minons about. Not that they would have been a threat to our Great Lady Mesanna, but who would want to inconvenience her in that way?

The work began – complete with Tanager and a glacial cat. Or was that a glacial Onion?


After trying several designs, this masterpiece rose from the ground, bringing a fair amount of smoke and fire with it!

We finished off the tour with Onion the Glacial Cat inviting Mesanna to see his fine home. She graciously accepted, and even gave those present some pies to remember the occasion!


So, congratulations to both fine establishments! May your citizens prosper, may your wares sell, and may your communities thrive!

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We have a winner!

It was not easy.

There were many fantastic entries. If I had my way, I’d combine them all into a massive, multi-level tower reaching above the clouds of Siege, towards the moons that power and guide our moongates

The finalists were:

.Miss Echo
Sara Dale
with honorable mention to Sargatanza, for a truly inventive design.

But, this is Siege, and only one valiant architect could be left standing, PK’ing all the opposition with a pointy pair of compasses, lethal whacks from a set-square, and a rez-kill with a stainless steel ruler!

So, without further ado, let me announce that the great and glorious Mesanna has chosen the winner, and decreed that the Legendary Architect who won the “Redesign the EM Hall Contest” is –



*another drumroll*


*further ado, and yet another drumroll*


*even more drumrolls*


Sara Dale, Legendary Architect!

Sara Dale, Legendary Architect!


Well done Sara! Work will begin on transforming the EM Hall into your fabulous design shortly!

And thank you to everyone who entered – the time, the effort, and the creativity you all put into your houses was incredible!

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The Black Watch update – May 2017

Greetings Siege.

I have been inundated with questions regarding the Black Watch, (and their rebellious counterparts who are still deciding on a name.) So here is an attempt to clear some things up.

  1. The old guard. If you were a member of the RBG (Royal Britannian Guard) you are considered to be a veteran. Your new sash will reflect this – e.g. Black Watch Captain (Veteran) You will need to prove your membership by showing your RBG sash at a Black Watch ceremony. This will give you a ten point bonus. Multiple sashes do not mean multiple bonuses.
  2. Every time you are promoted, you “spend” the number of points needed to get to your new rank. Take WyRm in the example below. He has a total of 44 points. His promotion from Soldier, 2nd class to Soldier, 1st class used 5 of those points, leaving him with 39 points. His next promotion, from Soldier, 2nd class to Second Lieutenant, used 10 points, leaving him with 29 points. His promotion to Lieutenant used 10 more points, leaving him with 19 points. He therefore needs one more point to make it to Captain.  
  3. The only people receiving sashes today will be those who have applied to join the Black Watch, and who are present. If you have applied, but cannot be present, relax – let me know, and I will try to track you down in-game. Sashes will not be given to anyone other than the named character who applied to join.
  4. If you want to be in the Black Watch, you need to apply. Membership is not automatic, no matter how many events you turn up for. Full details, including how to earn points, are available here . I have kept records of players who turned up to events, but did not apply up till now, but I will not be updating those records after today. Bottom line, if you want to be in the Watch, make sure I know about it! (i.e. drop a book with your character’s name and something like “Black Watch Application” into the mailbox at the EM Hall near Brit moongate)
  5. There will be an official roll call at the start of all Black Watch events from now on so that I can better keep track of who gets points.My current “take a screenshot with all names showing” method is a bit too unreliable.
  6. The Rebellion (or whatever they want to be called) will get their ceremony sometime in the near future, as well as their sashes!
  7. We now have a headquarters! (Thank you Mesanna!!!) Some shadowy figure may have given a few players a preview of it last month, but we’ve dusted and cleaned, and it’s ready for you to crack open an ale and try out the facilities!

If anything else is unclear, please let me know. I will add to the FAQ as necessary. If you have suggestions, requests, ideas, or anything else, please let me know those, too! If you think something that I’ve posted about the Watch so far is completely insane, I want (need?) to hear that as well!

Lastly, here are the points which I currently have. These are the ranks that will be handed out at the first ceremony that you attend. These do NOT include veteran sashes. If you think you should be on the list, or think your points are horribly wrong, please contact me. If your name is on the list and you have no intention of joining, let me know that too.

So, here it is.  (If the table below does not show up on Stratics, view it at )

CharacterRankCurrent Points
a black ninjaSoldier, 2nd class1
AltSoldier, 2nd class4
BaalSoldier, 2nd class1
Bastian WindwongSoldier, 2nd class1
BeccaSoldier, 1st class1
BoSoldier, 2nd class1
BrutusSoldier, 2nd class4
CalaveraSoldier, 2nd class5
ChargarSoldier, 2nd class1
CharismaSoldier, 1st class0
ChazSoldier, 2nd class4
Chlorz FangSoldier, 2nd class4
ChumleeSoldier, 2nd class1
DionysisSoldier, 1st class5
Diva the TraderSoldier, 2nd class1
Event HorizonSoldier, 1st class5
FeljeenerSoldier, 2nd class1
GenesisSoldier, 2nd class1
GrimlexSoldier, 2nd class1
HarabecSoldier, 2nd class4
HoffsSoldier, 1st class8
HoldinD'sNutsSoldier, 1st class0
Igg A PieSoldier, 1st class9
Kenzie MoriSoldier, 2nd class2
KlemanSoldier, 2nd class1
Luka MelehanSoldier, 2nd class2
lupeSoldier, 2nd class1
lupitaSoldier, 2nd class1
MagichandsSoldier, 1st class1
MaloSoldier, 1st class3
MandolinSoldier, 2nd class1
Max BlackoakSoldier, 2nd class2
MerkdSoldier, 2nd class1
Natalia MaraisSoldier, 1st class2
NicoSoldier, 2nd class3
RazzianSoldier, 2nd class2
Ron FellowsSoldier, 2nd class3
SarahSecond Lieutenant2
Sarah-annSoldier, 2nd class2
SargatanzaSoldier, 1st class2
SaudadeSoldier, 1st class7
sielSoldier, 2nd class0
SihvebiSoldier, 2nd class2
SingularitySoldier, 1st class1
SpyderbiteSoldier, 1st class2
StaticSoldier, 1st class0
StevenSoldier, 1st class1
StoneHandsSoldier, 1st class0
Storm (KattasropheSoldier, 1st class3
SusieSoldier, 1st class4
TanagerSoldier, 1st class0
TangentSoldier, 2nd class1
TaylorSoldier, 1st class0
Toth UrZrethiSoldier, 1st class2
TyrSoldier, 2nd class2
ViremSoldier, 2nd class3
XanzuSoldier, 1st class5
YorkSoldier, 2nd class2

Some ways to get in touch:

  • email me at
  • Drop a book in the mailbox at the EM Hall, north of Britain moongate
  • Speak to me in-game.
  • Reply to this post, either at, or in the feed to Stratics.

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Governors’ Fund Raisers : Minoc

Friday, 30th June 2017

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

A consistent complaint at Governors’ Council Meetings has been the state of the nation’s coffers. With a few exceptions, every town is struggling to maintain their chosen trade deal. The king has looked at the national budget, and determined that he has but three realistic choices:

  1. Impose a new tax on every citizen, which would be approximately 100,000 gold pieces per citizen per month.
  2. Fire the underperforming governors and hope that their replacements have greater financial acumen.
  3. Encourage the citizens to donate more gold, by providing them with the means, with entertainment, and with resources.

As King Blackthorn is a benevolent monarch, he chose the third option. The offer was therefore made to all governors to approach the throne to discuss methods by which funds might be raised. The first to step forward was a blind man, gifted with words and rhythm, though somewhat hard on the ears.

In the hope of preventing any further ballads the king has granted Minoc’s governor his request – namely that the Royal battalions be sent to march through the mines of Minoc, wearing their heaviest boots, in the hope that this might enrage enough elementals.

As the king discussed this idea with the Grandisonante Governor, it became apparent that it would give the hunters and mages something to fight. It would provide some gold for Minoc’s coffers, and it would provide the local crafters with ore for their wares. Some of the larger elementals might even provide something more.

The current term of office for all governors is coming to a close. This event, the king was told, would be a parting gift, should the townsfolks and citizens deem the governor unfit to run for a second term, or would perhaps provide sufficient funds to start the new term, should they decide to vote for him again.


Governors, please note : If you have an idea to raise funds for your town, please follow Governor’s Otto’s example, and contact the EM, the PEC or both. We are extremely happy to help you, and we know you are struggling.

What you need to know:

  • Gates to the event will be provided in the usual locations, but seriously – it’s in Minoc’s mines. Everyone knows where Minoc is.
  • Town criers will announce the event throughout the month
  • The event will be announced in General Chat an hour before the event.
  • Minoc has a guard zone. The mines do not. The monsters will be in the mines, and possibly shambling around outside it. Some may wander into the town.
  • Guards will NOT protect you from monsters. They will protect you (as much as they ever do) from other players.
  • There will be a wandering healer or four around the place somewhere.
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The minion and the egg

Saturday 24th June 2017

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

King Blackthorn’s face was like thunder as he put down the reports from the Commander of the Black Watch and the Royal Detective. The death tolls between the two reports were astronomical. But to find that the beasts had been making use of the dungeons beneath his very castle for one of their bases of operations was a bridge too far. These beasts, and their unseen master would pay. Enough was enough.

A knock at the door jolted him away from his fuming. “Enter!” he barked. A small man, almost naked, his skin covered in a fine white powder, stepped in, followed by a large, heavily armoured guard.

“Sire!” barked the guard “As requested, this individual is here! I shall stand here and guard your Majesty in case he proves difficult, sire!”

At this, the little man casually reached out a hand, grabbed the guard by the belt, flipped him onto his helmet, and strapped his hands and feet together behind his back with the very same belt. He then turned and grinned at the king. “Yes. Very difficult, this one. Indeed. Hallo Black Thorn.”

“I do not believe that will be necessary, guard.” said Blackthorn. “Ghrom here is an old friend of mine. Do not judge him by his appearance. And do get up – you are making my study look most untidy.”

Ghrom made a quick slicing movement with a bone dagger that had somehow found its way into his hand, and the guard found himself free. Bowing out the door, one hand holding his breeches up, the guard quickly excused himself. Ghrom turned and smiled at the king again.

“Old friend, I have great need of your skills. My best men have failed to track these beasts to their source. Are you able to help me? Can you track them?” asked the king.

Ghrom’s smile grew wider, and he produced a rolled up animal skin from his pouch and unfurled it on the table. A map was drawn on it, showing all the old towns. But the map only took up the middle part of the parchment. Around the edges were drawn other shapes, symbols, beyond the edge of the seas. Ghrom’s finger pointed to a spot far to the east of Ice Island, beyond the edge of the seas. “Here.” he said. “Enemy here.”

Blackthorn stared, wondering how he would ever find a ship that could sail off the edge of the world.

Ghrom then produced an aging book from this pouch, opened it, and pointed to a page. The words read “Liedlan spulger idstrinfaun beast fentri chemas”. He also handed Blackthorn a strange item, which turned out to be the dried wing of a bird. Blackthorn raised an eyebrow and gave Ghrom a look of utter incomprehension.

“The spell take Black Thorn up.” he said “Up to where enemy floats in his cave”.

Blackthorn looked at the front cover of the tatty book for a moment. He could just about make out the title : “The book of Amber runes”.

For the first time in what seemed a long time, Blackthorn felt hope growing inside. He smiled, and led Ghrom to meet the commander of the Black Watch.

What you need to know:

  • Gates to the event will be provided from the usual locations.
  • Town Criers will announce the event as usual.
  • A reminder will be made in General Chat an hour before it starts.
  • Most of the event will take place outside of the guard zone.
  • The Book of Amber Runes is from Ultima III.
  • Ghrom is named after one of the earlier UO developers.
  • This is not exclusively a Black Watch event, although members of the Watch will get points for attending.



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Y.A.T.H! (Yet Another Treasure Hunt!)

Friday 16th June 2017

Start : 10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

End :  2 pm  BST / 9 pm EST

Last month, we dug. Oh, how we dug. We didn’t quite manage to dig all the way to Oceania, but we gave it a good old fashioned Siege try!

This month, since your bleary-eyed EM has recovered from the last night-long dig, we’re going to try again!

The arrangement will be the same as last month. For those who weren’t able to make it, here’s how it goes:

  • We will meet at the EM Hall.
  • The Royal Archaeologist’s Assistant will select a map at random, and teleport to its location.
  • A gate will then be sent back to the EM Hall to bring any interested players to that location.
  • A gate will be available to get back to the EM Hall.
  • There will be a hub at the EM Hall to get to any governor run town, in case you want to donate money to help with the various overpriced trade deals.
  • The Royal Archaeologist’s Assistant will dig up the chest.
  • The spawn is yours to do with as you will. Tame them, kill them, run away screaming, take them out for dinner and a movie – your choice! Several people got some nice frost dragons from this last time, and one or two dragon wolves were spotted. If a drake is more your speed, there were plenty of those as well.
  • A backpack will be placed on the ground for anyone to access, and all loot will be moved from the chest to the backpack item by item, so first come, first served.
  • If you are training imbuing, or looking for some good items to enhance, it would be a good idea to bring a pack llama or a beetle with you! So it’s an event for crafters, too!
  • Some of the maps will be for Ilshenar. We didn’t have any paragon spawn show up last time, but you never know what will happen!



What else you need to know:

  • Moongates to the event location will be available from the usual places. Details are here.
  • Town Criers will announce the event.
  • Reminders will appear in General Chat approximately one hour before the event.
  • The event will take place outside of a guard zone.

We will not be doing a treasure hunt EVERY month – unless there’s massive demand – , but I will try to have some form of event later into the night as regularly as possible, time and energy permitting!

Special thanks go to Mesanna for providing the level 7 maps!

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Black Watch Investigations

Saturday 10th June 2017Exodus receives his trade deal bill

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

Commander Bhaltair frowned at the Royal Detective’s report. This was not good news at all. Still, what was that old saying about “better the daemon you know”?

He had fought the ghastly offspring of Mondain and Minax before, or at least, tried to. His leg still hurt when the weather turned ill. Memories of being unceremoniously flung across the chamber, so hard that the brickwork shattered where his armored body hit it, still burned in his mind, as did the memories of the ceremony afterwards, in which many fallen knights were honored, and enshrined.

But, the report was correct. The being behind these ghastly soulless things that plagued the land was possessed of immense power and resources. Exodus had been greatly weakened at least once, and had returned. Dupre had reported him slain, but then, what did death actually mean to a creature such as that? Exodus, at peak strength, certainly fitted the description of “immense power and resources”. And, if these creatures were not Exodus’s doing, then was there an even greater power lurking out there somewhere?

He would need to investigate. Were the new recruits up to so great a challenge? Or would he be attending another memorial ceremony fairly soon?

What you need to know:

  • This is a Black Watch Event. Details of the Black Watch can be found here.
  • Moongates to the event location will be available from the usual places. Details can be found here.
  • Town Criers will announce the event.
  • Reminders will be made via General Chat approximately one hour before the event starts.
  • The event will mostly take place outside of a guard zone.
  • We will be going to The Exodus Encounter. We will make multiple attempts on Exodus.
  • This event requires a party. Party size is limited. Depending on how many people turn up, that could mean that some players may need to wait until a later attempt.
  • IMPORTANT: There will be a finite number of keys. If you are able to help, please collect as many keys as possible before the event. That way, if the party is full, we can run multiple parties. Thank you for your help!
  • There will be no drops, but Exodus does provide good loot.
  • Details of the Exodus Encounter can be found here.
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