Void Pool Recognition

Saturday 3pm Eastern / 7pm UK

It was the middle of May, and the year was 2016.
Cora the sorceress, seeking forbidden knowledge, sent her minions forth.
43 stalwart defenders of Siege Perilous stepped forth to oppose her.
For nine and a half long hours, these 43 heroes stood firm, back to back,
as wave after wave of foul creatures crashed into them, howling for their blood.
That day, 255 waves were driven back.
Victorious, those unsung heroes returned to their homes.
The blood they shed, their great efforts barely noticed.

Until now.

Lord Blackthorn, king of Britannia has issued a royal invitation to you!
This weekend, we recognise this outstanding effort, and shout it to the world!
This is a proud day for Siege Perilous!
Two monuments to this amazing achievement will be unveiled for all to see.
The first ceremony will be at the West Britain Bank. A gate to the second location will be provided.

Please note: There is a possibility that VvV may trigger during the ceremony.
Also, note that the second location is far from the protection of the guards.
While Blackthorn will be protected by powerful spells, you will not be.
It is recommended that you either come well equipped and prepared for battle, or travel light, and do not bring any items that you are extremely fond of.
The choice is entirely yours!
Please refrain from engaging in battle until the end of the ceremony.

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Huntigowk Day

1st April, 10 pm GMT / 5 pm EST

[Note: By the 1st, UK clocks will have gone ahead one hour. It may be April 1st, but fool me once, blah blah blah. Keep an eye on the town criers. On with the show!]

The cart lay on its side, goods were strewn all over the track, and the horses had bolted. She could still hear the protests of her father, as they carried him unceremoniously through the trees: “Help! Put me down you brutes! This isn’t funny! Say, did you hear this one? An orc, an ettin and a troglodyte walk into a tavern, and – Ow! Stop hitting me! I am the royal jester, I’ll have you know! Put me down!”.

Glancing around the wreckage, she saw a small pouch with reagents spilling from it, and grabbed it. Running after her father’s kidnappers, she tried desperately to remember the words to a spell – any spell. Waving a hand desperately in the direction of her father’s loud complaints, she started to cast:

“In Bet Flam” she yelled. The smallest wisp of flame she’d ever seen shot through the trees and fizzled out in the air. She groaned and tried desperately to remember the words her teacher had tried to impart to her, just before she had accidentally turned his robe into a flock of tiny blade spirits. The healers said he would be back to normal in a year or so, and they said scars were a sign of character, didn’t they? In that case, he would have legendary character.

“In Uus Por!” she shouted, hoping to make them turn around and bring her father back. Instead, she was unceremoniously hauled skywards. As she narrowly missed a passing gargoyle, she caught a brief glimpse of where the vile band were heading, and then her neophyte spells flung her towards a nearby farm.

She staggered to her feet, covered in mashed pumpkins. A farmer who had come to see what had happened to his crop took one look at her, turned and fled. “Tis a fruit elemental! Run for yer lives! Aaargh!  Aaaaaaaggghhh!!  Argh!”

She sighed deeply and squelched towards the main road. Whoever would rescue her poor father now?


What you need to know:

  • Start time is 10 pm UK. That should be 5 pm EST unless Hawkwind’s still messing with time. A pox on folks who mess with clocks.
  • We will meet at the EM Hall near the Britain Moongate.
  • Gates to the EM Hall will be provided in a variety of places.
  • All are welcome. Really. I wouldn’t lie about a thing like that.
  • Most of this will be outside the guard zone. Bank all valuables, or leave them at home.
  • It IS April 1st. But yes, there is an event. Announcing one and not holding it would be a terrible April Fool’s joke.
  • Fruit elementals are not a thing. Give it time, they probably will be.
With gratitude to Lady Hoffs for offering to change the date of the monthly auction, so more people could join in.
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Governors’ Council Meeting

24th March. 10pm GMT. 6pm EST. 

Royal duties, and mysterious occurrences have kept Lord Blackthorn out of the public eye for some time. This month, he returns to speak with his trusted Governors, and to address the people of Britannia.

Governors, you are summoned to a council meeting this weekend to get an update on recent occurrences in Britannia. This council meeting is open to the public, and all citizens are encouraged to attend.  You may speak for yourselves, in an orderly fashion, or petition your governor to speak on your behalf before the meeting.

Governors, if you cannot attend, please ensure that your office sends official apologies.

Gates will be provided. Pets are not welcome in the council chamber.


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Meet and Greet

Saturday 18th March

A new EM walks amongst you. Is he friend? Is he foe? Where does he hide the bodies of all those unrepentant Trammies? Does he like pizza or pies best? What are those strange noises coming from below the house of commons?

This is your chance to have all these questions and more answered!

Come and discuss recent occurances and potential events on Siege Perilous, and ask questions or offer suggestions to your newest Event Moderator.

The meet and greet will start at 10pm GMT on Saturday 18 th March at 10pm GMT, 6pm EST.

Eats and drinks are on the house, and gates will be provided from a variety of places!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to some strange person tinkering with the clocks, this will be 6pm EST, not 5pm as previously stated. The stated time of 10pm GMT is accurate.

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Speed Killing Challenge

Join me this Thursday afternoon for a little team challenge! Players will be split into small teams, of a yet undetermined size, and sent into a gauntlet where killing quickly is the key. Hack through your enemies quicker than the 2nd place person and win!

When: Thursday, April 30 at 2pm EST (GMT -5)
Where: EM Hall – Gates from Luna and West Brit

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Creatures march on Britannian town!

Dupre’s scouts have just reported groups of creatures, animal and monster alike, being influenced by Anon’s mages. These groups have been spotted across Britannia, and it seems any town is a likely target for attack. Will Vice forces use this to their advantage? Dupre to mobilize Virtue forces to be sure that doesn’t happen.

When: Wednesday, April 29 at 9pm EST
Where: Moongates from Luna, West Britain, and Buc’s Den

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Breakfast with Exodus

Grand Marshall Cromwell is a morning person and he wants his guards to be, too! Combat training for Black Watch (though anyone is welcome) is to take place this Tuesday morning in the form of more Exodus bashing! He seems to be making the beating up of Clockwork Exodus a monthly thing, eh?

When: Tuesday, March 23 at 8am EST (GMT -5)
Where: Council chambers, Serpent’s Hold. Gates provided from banks in Luna and West Britain

Edit: Ah typo. That is supposed to be March 24….

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Black Watch mission tonight!

Grand Marshall Cromwell to meet with his Black Watch guard tonight, March 20. Non-Guards that wish to help are welcome, as are anyone who would like to join the Guard.

Where: Council Chambers in Serpent’s Hold. Moongates provided from West Britain and Luna.
When: Friday, March 20 at 8pm EST (GMT -5)

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Ghost race this Monday!

Endurance footrace this Monday! Though endurance might not be a factor. All participants will be running as ghosts. You don’t have to show up dead to race, but leave any belongings at home. Nobody gets to live. Healers are the enemy. If you rez, you have to die all over again.

When: Monday, March 16 at 9pm EST
Where: EM Hall (just north of Britain moongate). Gates from Luna and West Brit bank.

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March 2015 event schedule

Tuesday, March 10 at 9pm EST – Virtue Mission

Monday, March 16 at 9pm EST – Ghost Race

Friday, March 20 at 8pm EST – Escort

Sunday, March 22 at 3pm EST – Council Meeting

Tuesday, March 24 at 8am (morning!) EST – Breakfast with Exodus

Sunday, March 29 at 3pm EST – VvV Battle

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